Best Deejays In Kenya

best deejays in kenya


Deejay Hassan

Deejay Hassan is the host of a TV show in KBC known as Homegrown which promotes local production. He has mixed in Safaricom tours around the country dubbed as ‘Niko Na Safaricom live Concert’. He started back in Mombasa town where he formed his own fun base and moved to Nairobi. He mixed in several clubs and bars before his breakthrough. He is the currently most paid Deejay in Kenya.

Deejay Kalonje

He is one of the recent Deejays. His career cannot go un noticed since almost all the matatus in Kenya play his mixes. Kalonje is among the pioneers that came up with the idea of mixing videos instead of audios which acquired a name Veejaying. Ragga, Reggae and Riddim are the type of song that he is best known for mixing.

Deejay Crème De La Crème

The Deejay has hosted the ‘Sakata Dance Competition’ and the ‘X-treem show’ which both aired on Citizen TV. He is popular because of his unique mixes which contain songs that other Deejays have not discovered. His vast knowledge about songs has earned him respect in the industry.

Deejay Pinye

He is one of the few Kenyan Deejays that has managed to survive in the industry for over a decade. His mixes are diverse with a combination of both local and international songs. Deejay Pinye launched ‘The Beat’ a show airing on NTV some years back and has been successful since. The show airs everyday from Monday to Friday in the afternoon. He is regarded as the most paid Deejay in East Africa.

Deejay Joe Mfalme

He is currently a Deejay at Capital FM. He got his name back in 2009 at a Deejay competition where he emerged as the best. The Pilsner Mfalme Competition was his breakthrough and since then he has maintained his impact in the industry. In 2012, he mixed at Big Brother Africa [BBA]. His mixes are mainly feel good music which continues to earn him popularity.

Deejay Andy

He is one of the best sought Deejays in the country. Deejay Andy plays at two shows, one in Homeboyz Radio and another at Kiss FM every Friday. His mix encompasses a variety of genres making him one of the unique Deejays.







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