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The Illuminati fad in Kenya: A secret religion

73 the illuminati fad in kenya a secret religion


The Illuminati fad in Kenya: A secret religion



Exposed musicians in Kenya, politicians, religious leaders; members of the Illuminati, that is what most tabloids are headlining these days.  Talks of greetings with pyramid signs, cloth line logos that bear illuminati signs, images flashed in videos…… Are we just grasping at straws to force the secret religion onto our community or are these so called artists and leaders just using the “illuminati representations” unknowingly. Like many Kenyans the notion of the illuminati is familiar but many of us do not really know what this secret religion is about. Where did it come from? This led me to do a little research of my own, call it my own kind of investigative journalism.

According to history Illuminati was originally referred to as the “Bavarian Illuminati” which was a secret society rallying against prejudice and evils in the society. They were composed of 30 second degree Freemasons that used various Masonic areas to recruit. The one eyed pyramid is till today the official illuminati emblem. The new order of illuminati is a secret society that comprises of the powerful, rich and influential in the society. Their main objective is to create a conglomerate government in which they are the leaders. They control the government, music industry, media and more.


Most stories from the Kenyan grapevine claim that to join the illuminati one must sacrifice family members, pay ridiculous amounts of money to become fully pledged members. Are we becoming a paranoid community believing in almost any concocted stories or is there some truth to it? Evidence shows that the Illuminati do exist, but their presence in Kenya is still a big mystery. The validity of stories that claim there are illuminati recruiters targeting college students, politicians, artists is yet to be confirmed.


The illuminati is the new age society of the rich and famous, a sort of “popular kids” group that almost everyone wants to be associated with. The whole idea might be a scheme to get gullible Kenyans to pay any amount of cash with the promise of fast cars, upgraded social status, influence and most of all power.

Article source: https://www.zakenya.com/Arts-and-Entertainment/73-The-Illuminati-fad-in-Kenya-A-secret-religion.html

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