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Maina Kageni, Kenyas’ Radio counselor

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Maina Kageni, Kenyas’ Radio counselor


4d94bab8d3Every morning all matatus and buses are tuned to classic 105.5fm and if they are not well let’s just say there is a hick up.  Women from all over Kenya and men included call in to contribute their life experiences and troubles. I would say this is an indicator that Kenyans need an outlet for their problems and Maina with his side kick Mwalimu King’ang’i have offered themselves as a vessel to listen to all the problems.

Discussions on abortions, infidelity in marriage, ungrateful sons and daughters and marriage with alternative motives among others are the norm. How did Maina decide to make his show a forum to allow Kenyans anonymously air their issues? The show has gained so much fame and we all eagerly wait to listen to fellow Kenyans problems every morning during our commute to work.


Maina Kageni is a self confessed gay man and maybe that’s why the women feel at ease pouring their hearts out to him. It is definitely not easy being a man who prefers the company of fellow men in Kenya but I would commend him for his bravery on coming out of the closet per say. His ability to make the listeners and the callers feel connected to the show on a personal level is quite a fete but he has achieved it.

Some consider the show to signify the death of radio, plagued with mediocrity and lacking in luster. Many say it lacks in content and creativity but is radio not meant to entertain and I believe we are entertained greatly with real life stories which are almost surreal. It is an avenue for the listeners to connect to the rest of the Nation because most channels of journalism do not give the consumer direct link to express themselves.


Just to recap some stories that have aired on Classic fm which have jolted  Kenyans into the reality include the abortion scuffle in which married women and single ladies confessed to almost 8 abortions. Marriage with ulterior motives, where a woman called in and confessed that she married her “ugly and shapeless” husband just for his money. Women resulting to having “side meat” because allegedly the husbands fail to perform when it comes to husbandly duties. I believe the show provides us with good old fashioned entertainment at the same time provides awareness of what is happening in the real Kenya.

Article source: https://www.zakenya.com/Arts-and-Entertainment/72-Maina-Kageni-Kenyas-Radio-counselor.html

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