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You can never go wrong with kindness

55 you can never go wrong with kindness


You can never go wrong with kindness

by Lucy Wanjiku Mwangi

b78c65b9dbThis was a saying of the mother of miss world 2013 winner, Miss Philippines.  You indeed can never go wrong with kindness acts as her daughter managed to get the coveted miss world crown. When she was crowned the title, Miss Philippines was too excited to even talk. She might have anticipated the winning, but she was humble about it. She is now going to be of help to most vulnerable people in the world. U.S.-born Megan Young, a 23-year-old studying digital film, accepted the crown from last year’s winner, Wenxia Yu of China, and promised to “be the best Miss World ever”

Event organizers announced in June that contestants would eschew bikinis this year in favour of sarongs and one-piece swimwear to avoid causing offence. There were protesters against bikini wear who were willing to sabotage the event. Therefore the organizers choose to exempt it. The new Miss World will spend the next year travelling to represent the Miss World Organization and help raise money for its charitable causes. Marine Lorphelin, a 20-year-old medical student from France, took second place. From Ghana, Carranzar Naa Okailey Shooter, 23, also a medical student, came third. We had a representative from Africa in the winning team! Kudos to Ghana!

It should be noted that our own had been representing our country Kenya in the miss world race in Indonesia. Miss Wangui Gitonga, the reigning Miss World Kenya left Kenya for the Miss World finals to be held in Indonesia on September 28.  According to her she was ready, having been well groomed and was sure to do Kenya proud. She had received training accorded by the Miss World Kenya team. The beauty queen had staged a couple of charity events over that weekend before attending a send-off prayer service a day before she left Kenya, also attended by Miss World Kenya franchise holder Terry Mungai and her fashionista Reina Kimeu. Miss World 2013 was the 63rd edition of the Miss World pageant held at the Sentul International Convention Center, Sentul and Nusa Dua, Indonesia. Former holder Miss Yu Wenxia of China crowned her successor at the end of that event. Well, you can’t get everything, so the Philippines got it this time round. I hope this makes the Kenyan team to be learning some of the ways to ensure that we get the crown in 2014.

Well, let’s see the journey of Kenya Miss Wangui Gitonga before she was chosen to represent Kenya in Indonesia last Saturday. at the Miss World Kenya 2013 finals held on 12th July 2013 at Safari park hotel, The event that was an invite only which saw 10 beauties try their best to win the coveted price. Coincidentally, the ten beauties are students from local universities which saw their respective campus students come to support their own. This year’s miss world Kenya did not have the bikini wear category, as there was objection from persons of the Muslim faith. Could this have made the miss world Kenya chosen to represent us have low chances of winning miss world crown? The exceptions that some Kenyans feel are uncultured receive no objection at the world level. The two categories showcased were casual wear as the contestants’ dawned brown African outfits with different designs. The other category was the evening wear that saw the ladies show case their elegant flowing dresses.

This is how the lady of the day, 23-year-old Wangui Gitonga, a linguistic student at the German school was crowned Miss World Kenya 2013 and one year grooming services at all of the Ashleys salons country wide. She also went home with a whooping Ksh.1M. Mrs. Terry Mungai, the ashleys CEO, said that the winner was chosen for having a perfect dental formula, flawless skin and for being a good public speaker. She then represented Kenya in the Miss World 2013 contest this September in Indonesia. Well one could tell she was not even among the top 20 models to contest for miss world. What should be done to make Kenya to stand a better position for having one of us being crowned next time? Probably they should start looking for standards that the miss world is expected to have. What is this that is going around? That our elected miss world Kenya did not even have the intention of contesting for it? That she had brought her sister to contest?

Well, interest is the main thing that one should have. You could tell by watching the other contestants in Indonesia had the interest to participate and to help. Miss Nepal had even started her own smile initiative where she used her dentistry knowledge to help people to smile in her own country, especially in the remote places. Well, Miss France also had the ability to recognize that the good things are only achieved when they involve kindness and the heart.  Well one can tell these people have the willingness to participate and have the kindness to be willing to help the vulnerable in the society. Modelling is not all about beauty and training, but also about having willingness and kindness.

Article source: https://www.zakenya.com/Arts-and-Entertainment/55-You-can-never-go-wrong-with-kindness.html

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