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Where To Get Agricultural Products In Kenya

where to get agricultural products in kenya


Agro vets are one of the best places that one can seek to buy products that deal with farm animals. It is therefore important that agro vets be stocked with a lot of agricultural products to make it easy and convenient for the Kenyan farmer to obtain money and find ways of seeking help when they discover problems with their animals or crops. Some of the products most demanded in agro vets include the following.

Irrigation Pumps

Farmers may ask for the best pumps to help them in watering their crops. One of the best places to obtain such pumps is by taking a visit to various agro vet technicians that are essential in offering wide range of advice on how one can use and maintain the various types of pumps available. Advice can also comprise of the prices of the pumps.

Animal Hay

Farmers are advised to buy hay at agro vets as such places offer convenient ways for them to find stable working conditions when providing it to the animals. It is therefore important that farmers get first hand information from the agro vet technicians themselves. Hay from agro vets is well treated and is safe for consumption by animals.

Crop pesticides

Various infections that affect crops and insects can have their solution if one takes time to visit the agro vet an describe the types that are affecting their crops. Kenya is a good agricultural country hence farmers need to look for mechanism of producing more crops by controlling the pests.The experts will guide the person or farmer how they can be used.

Chicken and Animal Mash

Farmers should have regular visits to the agro vets to obtain chicken and animal mash that are eaten by their animals. Such type of food is very important more especially in offering chicken with some source of energy for the body making farmers have good and healthy birds. Furthermore, it is also eaten by layers.


Various types of fertilizers are found in hardware’s and there is the need to have them be supplied to farmers. The right types of fertilizers are bought making it good enough for farmers to be able to supply their crops with the proper amounts of fertilizers needed.



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