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Where to buy Farm Equipment, Tools and Inputs: Best Agrovets in Kenya

where to buy farm equipment tools and inputs best agrovets in kenya


Farming is one the sectors in Kenya which has most of the benefits when practiced carefully and using standards tools and inputs. Farming ensure that the country has enough food for sale and consumption when agriculture has been put in to considerations by the people and especially the government. The government when providing the farmers with manure and other inputs ensure that the farms will produce enough and high standards output which will benefit the nation as a whole.

From this therefore, the nation and entrepreneurs have invested in agriculture and set up shops to ensure that the farmers have the necessary inputs in form of fertilizers, manure, pesticides, herbicides and much more. These shops are commonly known as Agrovets where the farmers buy the products to apply in their farms. They are developed all over the country to ensure that farmers can access the products from their nearby areas. They are:-

Osho Chemical Industries is one of the leading Agrovets in Kenya which manufacture, market and distribute crop protection, animal health products, public health, industrial chemicals, farm equipment, allied products and related services. They ensure that the farmers get the best products of high quality at affordable prices. Osho chemicals ensure that they develop the best farm inputs that will ensure that the farm outputs are of high quality for the benefits of the farmers.

Kenya Agrovet and Human Health Co-operative is another well-established service provider in Kenya that provide the farmers with the best products. This Agrovet ensure that the farmers in the country has best output as they sell the highest quality of products. This Agrovet also runs as a company that helps to empower the society to compete better for contracts or orders to raise the living standards of the farmers and their source of income.

Mpeketoni Agrovet is an Agrovet established in the coast of Kenya to provide the people of the coast with the best quality of farm input for the better outputs in their farms. Coast being the leading area in the production of coconuts, the Agrovet ensure that it provide the necessary input for the best production of coconuts. They provide the people of especially Lamu and environs with their services and products and agrochemicals.

New Castle Agrovet Shop is an Agrovet in Vihiga, western Kenya which runs as a registered business in Kenya. They have all the products ranging from dairy, horticulture to poultry and through partnership with the Government, it is able to provide farms input and loans to farmers through Equity Bank. Their customers can therefore enjoy high quality products, good services and considerable prices as this Agrovet aims at raising the standards of agriculture in the country.

Kithimani Agrovet is an Agrovet based in the Eastern province in Kitui. This Agrovet being based in the drier side of the country focuses majorly in the provision of farm inputs and equipment that will improve the farmers’ water catchment and products that can cope with dry environment. The products that they provide include the solar water pumps that will help the farmers use for easier irrigation of the farms and the products in it. This Agrovet ensure that the farmers can be able to use seeds which cope with the dry climate and inputs that favour the plants and animals in these dry regions.

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