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Tuition Centers in Nairobi: for best exam grades

tuition centers in nairobi for best exam grades


Most tuition will train students who belong to the following education level Pre-school, Kindergarten, Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6, Grade 7, Grade 8, Grade 9, Grade 10, Grade 11 and Grade 12.

Webbz Tuition Center

The Tuition Centre is located in Kileleshwa it caters for children in the ages of 5–13 and 13–18. They help children get the important content for the preparation of their national and international examinations the student is equipped with basic academic information. It is a private tuition center that has the mission of improving a student’s academic performance by developing programs which meet the student’s special needs.

The tuition is customized according to the availability of the student, the teachers are well trained and intelligent the exams involved include IB, IGCSE and KCPE, the tuition can be conducted at the training center or at students home if need be. Webbz is a preferred tuition center by many students in Kenya; the students have been showing positive results after the tuition. We do not only train but we motivate students to make reading and writing their hobby.

St.Hellens Tuition Centre

The center provides quality tuitions many students each year. The students demonstrate positive results after attending the tuition by excelling in their academics. St. Hellen Tuition center does not only tuition but it prepares students who will meet their career goals with a lot of ease in the future The students attend the tuition during holidays and weekends, the teachers are perfectionists in academics for they are selected according to their qualifications in academics. The tutorial offered include; PYP, MYP, 844, IB, IGCSE, and BNC. The students targeted by the tuition center include; students who score above average but they want to improve their performance, Students who are under-performing but want to better their grades in a particular subject or all subjects, Students who with the desire of channeling their study energies towards improving their academic performance in the preparation of their coming exams, Students want to catch up after missing classes, Candidates who require more attention on their study and the students wishing to learn new skills like music and languages.

Call:     0720 652 266, 0720 65 22 66 or Email: [email protected], the tuition is the leading tuition center for juniors and seniors, the center is open every day of the week including weekends and holidays from 8am to 7pm. Specialized attention is given to any student with the desire of learning a new language.

Umoja P. A.G Tuition Center

The tuition center has been in operation since 2008, the tuition focuses on the individual learners to achieve their academic goals, the potentiality of the students is utilized to the maximum to ensure that the student improves on their academics, the students potential is identified and relevant assistance given so that A material students don’t end up scoring B and C+ students don’t end up scoring D’s. Every student is helped in identifying their God given talents and assisted in practicing them to perfection. The center also offers home based training of the students as long as it is within Nairobi. The school drop outs are mostly targeted to come learn in the tuition center and later sit for their National exams. The teachers work as a team to ensure that the students’ needs are met.

Call: 0724269201 or Email: [email protected], the target audience is the students who want go an extra mile and improve their performance; the tuition center is located in Umoja at Umoja innercore next to Unity Primary School inside P. A.G Church, Monday to Friday 5am to 8pm


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