Tea Production Areas in Kenya

by Wamugunda Anne  - November 1, 2022


Farming of tea in Kenya has been proven to be one of the greatest sources of income for Kenyan farmers. The production of tea at both small and large scale is important in a number of ways that can be considered to be of great help in expanding the economic growth of the country. The following are the major tea production areas in Kenya.


The area is one of the largest tea farming regions in the country and has several factories that are carrying out tea manufacturing activities. The place has the cool and wet climate that favours the huge growth and survival of tea making many farmers to dedicate most of their lands to be used in the cultivation of tea.Kericho is helping the country to be one of the largest tea producers in the world.

Maragoli in western

The place has good fertile soils that are needed for growth of tea. The area experiences good amounts of rainfall as it borders the large timboroa forest. It has the cool and wet climates that are needed for the huge amounts of tea production. It is therefore important for one to think well about an area before planting the crop. In western, it is one of the best places to have the crop grown.

Regions of Kiambu

Tea farming in the regions s diverse as the cool and wet climates encourages the faster growth of the crop making it an important factor in the market industry. The regions have good fertile soils that are needed for the well thrive and growth of tea in the modern society. It is therefore important that farmers study about the area before deciding which crops to plant in them.The major regions include areas around limuru thika and the interior kiambu regions


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