Problems Facing Agriculture In Kenya

by Wamugunda Anne  - May 20, 2022

Kenya is the largest agricultural country in the East African market. It is further the leading in exporting various manufactured goods to various countries that carry trade with it. However, despite the huge growth of agriculture in the country, the Kenyan market is experiencing a lot of hardships in creating more room for high production. The following are some of the major problems affecting the agricultural sector in the country.

Lack of Labor

Many Kenyans find it hard to venture into the agricultural sector by taking their time to supply the needed labor required for high production. Many are going for the jobs that require one to be in the office for most hours of the day. The above factor is making a lot of farm go to waste and the agricultural sector is declining each and every day. The government is trying to seek measures of getting cheap labor that can be used to enhance the production of more quality produce.

Poor Transport and Communication

The sector is facing a lot of hardships in trying to reach out the wide and diverse market which is flooded. The problem is that there are no good roads in the country that can make it easy for farm produce to be transported in a more faster and easy way to the required industries. The above factor is making it necessary for the government to employ the skills of experts that can be of mutual help in enhancing the transfer of farm produce to the needed industrial places. Furthermore, communication is also an important factor to be improved.

Attack by Diseases and Pests

The agricultural sector experiences a lot of loses when it comes to crops being attacked by pest and the various crop diseases at a more faster and uncontrollable rate. The fact is that most produce will eventually go to waste making it hard for people to earn from the efforts of their labor.

Poor Farming Methods

Agriculture as a subject has continually been ignored by majority of Kenyan students that see no need in pursuing the course at high levels of education. The factor is as well affecting the sector and the outcome is that most farmers will come out as people who lack skills on how to deal with various farm machines and intervals of planting crops.

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