Pre-Disposing Factors Of Livestock Diseases In Kenya

by Wamugunda Anne  - May 8, 2023

They include the major conditions inside or outside the main body of the animal that may lead to it contacting the disease or obtaining a very major injury. The following are some of the factors that may predispose an animal to certain diseases.

The species of the animal

It determines the type of disease that is likely to affect the species and not any other. A good example is the swine fever that affects the pigs and Newcastle disease affects poultry.

The breed of the animal

It will influence the type of animal that can be affected by a particular disease. The animal breed will often determine the kind of disease that will affect that particular kind of animal.

The age of the animal

Young animals are more prone to the contacting of diseases than old and mature ones. Big animals often have good ways of resisting some diseases that arise from the surrounding environment.

Sex of the animal

Some diseases will affect the animal depending on its sex.For instance mastitis will be experienced in female cattle. The biological make up of animals will contribute to the type of diseases that they will get.

Color of the animal

Animals that are black in color often suffer from stress due to having excessive heat. On the other hand light skinned



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