Popular TV Shows in Kenya

popular tv shows in kenya


The media industry is continually growing and winning the attention of many viewers. However, each kind of person has there favorite programmes and the following are among the best in the industry.


The show is the most popular in the industry due to hosting various comedians that make Kenyans laugh. Apart from jut comedy, the show invites popular personnel in various fields making it enjoyable to watch. Churchill show is done at the carnivore and it is ranked as the best comedy show in east and central Africa.


The show is hosted by citizen and its loved by many Kenyans .Artistes from various countries come to showcase their talents and the winner walks away with huge amounts of money. The talents displayed makes many Kenyans want to watch more and statistics show that the programme is going to be the most watched TV show.


Aired on citizen the show attracts the attention of many Kenyan youths more especially because they love dancing. It’s a good and entertaining show that makes one feel relived and relaxed. Participants are well rewarded and hence they are more excited when they watch the show.The show includes dancers from all over the country.


The show is hosted by citizen TV and many Kenyans love the people in the show. Apart from just being entertaining, the show is educative and teaches how people approach the various issues that are happening in the society. It is nice to watch.


Hosted by K24, the show is not only entertaining but also shows how various couples relate and how deep they know one another. The show is well rewarding for the winner and that makes it be watched by many Kenyans. It is suitable for married couples that always wish

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