Pharmaceutical Industries In Kenya

by Wamugunda Anne  - October 18, 2022

In Kenya, the health sector is one of the sectors in the economy of Kenya where a lot of emphasis have been put to ensure the good health of the society. Health institutions have been established in the country to ensure that the best services are provided to the people who are sick and need medical attention. This sector has developed and even licensed-private medical institutions have been established to accommodate the high number of patients in government hospitals. This private medical institutions have ensured that they provide the best services for the people in the society.

The health sector thereby in the treatment of their patients, they have to use drugs in form of medicine for the cure of various diseases and infections that patients made be infected with. These drugs that they use have to be manufactured and processed by certain pharmaceutical industries in Kenya. These industries therefore manufacture, process and supply these drugs to the hospitals, chemists and to the market for access by the patients and the medical personnel involved.

The industries which manufacture drugs and medicine and based in Kenya include;

Dawa Limited

As the name suggest, this is one of the pharmaceutical industries in Kenya which operate under values such as professionalism, customer orientation, speed and efficiency as well as community welfare and are committed to the manufacturing of quality and affordable human and veterinary healthcare products. Dawa limited manufactures a range of high quality pharmaceutical products featuring syrups, injectable, tablets, and capsules for both humans and veterinary use. This company also market and distribute their products not only in Kenya but to other African nations.

Beta Healthcare International Ltd

This is a renowned pharmaceutical manufacturing company which has its footprints in Eastern, Central and West African regions. This company has a wide range of products portfolio comprising of OTC’s or Ethical and branded pharmaceutical products and are the pioneer of herbal medication in Kenya. The most common brands of Beta Healthcare international Ltd include the OTC’s and FMCG’s such as MaraMoja, Action, Beta gripe water and Betasil throat lozenges, Prism range such as HEDEX and Cofta and many more brands and products.

SAI Pharmaceuticals

This industry is based on the true value of continually provide quality, competitively priced, diverse range of pharmaceutical formulations through an efficient customer service enhanced by a motivated professional team. Their products are made from the highest quality chemicals and manufactured by the most skillful personnel in the area.

Omaera Pharmaceuticals Ltd

This company also provide quality health care services and products with the current management. They are well recognized for the manufacture and supply of pharmaceuticals, surgical, OTC’s products as well as medical equipment.

Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd

This is one of the well-established industry in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals and their supplies. Their products are available in all major hospitals, institutions and retail pharmacies due to their high levels of quality in their products. This company is the major supplier of Anti-Retrovirals (ARVs) to various ministries of health, donor-funded programmes and non-governmental organizations. They offer high-quality and affordable pharmaceuticals of over 500 molecules and their combinations in multiple forms, catering to patients needs in various therapies and these products include Anti-infective, Cardiovascular, pain management, gastrointestinal, respiratory, dermatology, orthopedics, nutrionals and urology. The top products are grouped as either molecule or drugs and are over 500 types.

Oceanview Pharmaceuticals Ltd

This is a pharmaceutical manufacturing industry based in Mombasa and offer high quality products in the market for the patients’ good health. They manufacture process and supply products such as pharmaceuticals, personal care and cosmetics, veterinary medicine, agrochemicals and farm inputs and through their chemist branded Palmland chemists offer services such as consultation and poultry postmortem, ear piercing as well as blood sugar check, blood pressure, pregnancy tests as well as other services.



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