List Of Most Common Kenyan Delicacies

by Wamugunda Anne  - June 19, 2023

Kenya has very many delicacies that are unique to Kenya and a few African countries.they include the following


This is  staple food in Kenya which is  made from cornmeal that is added to boiling water which is heated until it turns into a dense block of cornmeal paste.An easy way of knowing if the ugali is ready to eat is by cutting a small piece of the paste and throwing it on a wall.If it sticks to the wall the ugali is not ready but if it falls down it is ready and can be served.It is mostly served with cooked vegetables or saucy stew.It is a very cheap and quick meal which is taken by many Kenyans.Ugali can be served with sukuma wiki which is what Kenyans call kales which are green vegetables.They are cheap and easy to make and can be eaten with several things including ugali.They are also very healthy and nutritious.


is also eaten by most Kenyans because it is quick and easy to make and does not need any ingredients apart from rice and water.It can be eaten by various stews in Kenya such as beef,beans,lentils,vegetables and greengrams.It can also be fried and cooked as pilau which is mostly common in Kenya’s coastal region.It needs skill and patience to cook pilau the right way.It contains several spices such as cumin,cloves,caddamom but the most important spice is the pilau masala.’


which also a simple and common meal prepared in most parts of Kenya.Githeri is a combination of boiled beans and maize which can then be added tomatoes,carrots,onions and vegetables to make it more tasty.This meal is nutritious and contains a lot nutrients needed in the body and is very simple to prepare.

Nyama choma

This is  another Kenyan delicacy enjoyed by many Kenyans.It is roasted meat as the name suggests.Two most common forms of nyama choma are goat and beef but chicken and fish are also options.It is mostly served outdoors and combined with a Kenyan side dish known as’kachumbari’ which is basically chopped onions,tomatoes,corriander and pepper(optional)


which is goat intestine wrappers stuffed and then boiled until it is almost cooked and then grilled to dehydrate and give a very sensational tastes.Those are just a few of Kenya’s delicacies which are enjoyed by most Kenyans and not so known outside Kenya.

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