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Kenya Seed Company is a firm run by the government of Kenya whose main role is to produce, test and certify various crop seeds and livestock breeds. It also provides advices to farmers on the best and safe methods of farming. His company is located about 7 kilometers west of Kitale town along Kitale –Endebess road. The company is mandated to produce certified seeds which are then made accessible to farmers all over Kenya.

The main products of this company include; cereals such as maize, wheat, rice, sorghum and millet; vegetables such as cabbages, kales, tomatoes and onions; fruits such as pawpaw and water melon. These crops are grown and tested on the company’s farm, commonly referred to as ADC. The main farm being A.D.C Zea. After the crops have been tested and their viability determined, the seeds are then sold to farmers either directly or through the cooperative societies as well as through the Kenya Cereals and Produce board all over the Country.

Apart from seeds production, Kenya seed Company also comes up with the best cattle breeds both beef and dairy; through artificial insemination. The main breeds of dairy cattle produced are Friesian and jersey known for their high milk production. The company also does research on the best animal feeds which result in high livestock production. The company provides extension services to both dairy and beef cattle farmers with aim of upgrading the farmer’s cattle breeds.

Climate change has really affected the planting season as well as emergence of new species of weeds and crop pests. Kenya Seed Company ensures that the seeds it releases to the farmers are capable of thriving in such adverse conditions. The seeds are produced based on the amount of rain received, the type and fertility of the soil, the species of pests and disease that can probably emerge during crop growth and market timing.

Being located in Transnzoia County where the main crop grown is maize, the company has invested much in maize seed production. The main breeds of maize produced by the company are: H614, H628, H6213 among others.



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