Irrigation Farming in Kenya

by Wamugunda Anne  - December 29, 2022

Mwea Tabere Irrigation Scheme

It is located in Mwea and the best in the country. The irrigation schemes popularly known for the production of rice and is loved by many Kenyans in the outcome. It has since grown by the way in which technology is continually replacing the old ways of providing water to crops. Mwea is playing very important roles in the agricultural development of the country and is since growing to be the best in the east Africa market. It has provided a lot of employment opportunities for Kenyans and continues to accommodate new crop varieties.

Ahero Irrigation Scheme

It specializes in providing plenty supply of water for various crops such as cotton, tomatoes, green grams and sorghum. It plays important agricultural duties such as training and developing the crucial organizations that benefit farmers. It creates market for its customers and has often been effective in spreading its services to the national cereals and produce board, local traders and millers and the western rice mills belonging to Kenya.

Perkerra Irrigation Scheme

It is found about 100km from nakuru town along the famous river perkerra that is the nost source of water in the region. The irrigation scheme continues to offer a lot of employment opportunities for Kenyans and has since been crucial in producing onions and water melons. The irrigation scheme is well managed and is growing to create more employment opportunities for majority of jobless Kenyans in the araea.

It has continually been crucial in serving the needs of turkana residents. The scheme provides not only water to crops but also for other activities in the town. It is growing and more modern machines are being brought to enhance the food security it offers in the area.


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