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Essentials of a valid Contact in Kenya

essentials of a valid contact in kenya


Many people have entered into contacts with other parties and have continually failed due to several reasons. The major fact attributed to the failure of their contacts is not considering the essentials offered by a valid contract that includes the following.


A good contact should have an offer that must be definite. The offer should also be expressed and must be communicated to both parties. It must either be specific or general depending on the condition offered by it.


It implies that a certain person is okay with a particular type of contract and any further transactions can commence. Accepting a contact should not change the contents that are specified in it. Time period must be part of the acceptance made by the user.


Refers to the general price of the contact and what a person can eventually get from the contract. It further includes the things that must be gotten for one to gain in the contract.


It includes a number of people that can be accommodated by the contact. The following groups of individuals are essential in determining the capacity of a contact minors, insane groups, wives, aliens and foreign diplomats.

Legal Relationship

The contract can only be considered to be legal if the end intention of the contract is to result in transactions that can lead to a lot of legal relationships within the various types of contracts.

Legal objects

It implies that the business being carried out by the parties should be legal and not have a lot of cases that include the intentions of cheating the innocent parties.

As the results from above, the essentials must be followed to the latest order for one to have easy ways of achieving much in life. It is of great importance for one to enter into healthy contacts with one another.


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Wamugunda-Anne's passion for agriculture was not just about the practice but understanding its deeper implications — the sociological, environmental, and economic intricacies of farming in Kenya. This passion drove her to one of Kenya's prestigious universities, where she pursued a degree in Agricultural Sciences. Throughout her academic journey, she became renowned for her insightful articles on sustainable farming practices, emphasizing the balance between modern techniques and traditional Kenyan agricultural wisdom.

After university, Wamugunda-Anne transitioned into a full-time career in agricultural journalism. Her works have since been published in numerous national and international journals. Beyond just writing, she has played a pivotal role in shaping agricultural policies in Kenya by collaborating with policymakers, researchers, and local farmers. Her articles often focus on the challenges faced by Kenyan farmers, sustainable agricultural practices, and innovative solutions to boost food security in the region.

Today, Wamugunda-Anne stands as a beacon of inspiration in Kenyan agricultural circles. With every article she writes, she hopes to enlighten, inspire, and pave the way for a sustainable agricultural future for Kenya and the African continent at large.

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