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Courses Offered at Bukura Agricultural College- Department of Agricultural Education and Rural Development.

courses offered at bukura agricultural college department of agricultural education and rural development



Bukura is a middle level college that offer training majorly on Agricultural education and other related fields. The institution is located a few kilometers from Butere along Butere-Kakamega road. The college is set an approximately 580 acres of land. The institution is dedicated to train students on agricultural sciences. It provides high quality training programmes for its students by giving them the hand-on skills in various programmes offered.

There are various departments at Bukura Agricultural College, department of Agricultural Education and Rural Development being one of them. The department of Agricultural Education and Rural Development consists of three sections: Agricultural Education and extension, Agricultural Economics and Home Economics. Six diploma programs are run in this department.

The training in these diploma programs are designed in a manner that emerging technological and scientific issues in agriculture, environment, food, extension and educational sciences as well as applied economics is incorporated. Therefore the learners are equipped with skills and knowledge in strategies of extension, information technology biotechnology, agribusiness management as well as entrepreneurship. Students are equipped with a hand-on skills and experience through participation in various research and outreach activities.

Diploma course programmes offered at department of Agricultural Education and Rural Development at Bukura Agricultural College include:

a)     Diploma in Agriculture, Consumer Education and Human Ecology

b)    Diploma in Agricultural Extension and community development

c)     Diploma in Agricultural Education and Extension

d)    Diploma in agribusiness Management

e)     Diploma in Food Sciences and Nutrition


For more information contact:

P.O Box 23-50105, Bukura

Tel: 020-3505479

Email: [email protected]





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