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Cloud Computing Business Services offered by Safaricom in Kenya

cloud computing business services offered by safaricom in kenya


In Kenya, there are various network service providers who ensure that their customers access the most important services as far as communication is concerned. The network service providers include Safaricom, Airtel, Orange and Yu and have ensured that they offer the best services on their own means to comfortably compete with the other service providers. Safaricom therefore through this, has been able to offer different services to their customers. They range from personal to business services and they are made best to outdo their competitors.

Safaricom business services are varied but there is a unique service that they introduced referred to as Cloud Computing. This service host other services related to business and ensure that their customers reap most benefits from the use of these services. The services offered under cloud computing by Safaricom include;

Online data Storage

This as a service which ensure that businesses store their data online and are able to access it remotely over the internet. This service offered under Atmos allows storage and management of data in a self-service and utility-like environment. The major features accompanied by this service include online document editing, desktop application, easy search tool, access to the data anytime from anywhere, folder/directory upload, online collaboration, online sharing of large files as well as customized views of the data. With the use of this service, major advantages such as efficiency in storage, seamless scalability in form of addition of capacity, application and locations and easy storage access with the highest flexibility in the access is evident for the users.

Backup services

Branded “cloud back up” service, Safaricom ensure that they offer the best back up services to make sure that their customers reduce operational costs, keep their business data secure and access a host of value added services that transform how their business operates. They provide this service to ensure that their customers avoid capital outlaying to purchase new back up equipment, ongoing media costs as well as running costs. With the cloud back up service, there is increase in the back up capacity, elimination of risks of human error in the back process as well as offer centralized management. From the service also, the customers are able to conduct data recovery fast, efficient and securely.

Disaster Recovery services

With this service incorporated in the business operation, it ensure that the business data and information can be replicated usually from the storage array and store it offsite. This is beneficial to the business because it ensure that the customer’s key operational systems are available in the event of an emergency or a disaster and can also be recovered quickly. This service is thereby priced according to storage size as well as the type of disaster recovery requirements. The replication is easy and fast and works using the file systems and offer point-in-time recovery as well as continuous replication to protect applications with the bi-directional synchronous and asynchronous procedures.

Archiving Services

This service offered by Safaricom make it possible for the business to move from a reactive to a proactive data archiving strategy which helps in the management of key assets throughout their life cycles. Archiving service by Safaricom provides a flexible, scalable archiving environment that helps automate retention and disposal policies while maintaining quick access to archived business content. With this service, the customer benefit from it since it offer free primary storage capacity, deploy tiered storage to lower cost, automate policies for retention and deletion of inactive files and much more benefits.

Online Software services

This service enable the business processes to be convenient as it ensure the customers manage their communication, accounting and payroll functions efficiently. There are various software and features which include “sage pastel my business online accounting” which involve giving the customer control over the business and offer integrated services that enhance productivity and “Online HR Payroll” where all the tasks associated with the existing employees of the organization are easily handled.


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