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Best Tea Factories in Kericho, Kenya

best tea factories in kericho kenya



It is located on the right along Bomet-Kericho road. It is one hundred meters before Premier center and a kilometer after Ngoina road in Rift Valley province Kenya. It produces a high quality tea leaves of grade one. It has branded its tea leaves CHAMJI. It has a high power mechanism that operates within the residential of its workers and within the factory itself. It has more than 5000 workers. It also has efficient transport due to tracks and pick-up availability. It also has clean water for the visitors that come to see how the factory operates and the customers too. Each year, it gives out prizes in terms of how many purchases a customer makes for example provision of chemicals. It has its own Sacco that enables its farmers and tea-pickers access loan to improve the quality of tea picking. It has a high security and has lodgings and rental houses within the factory. It is the best and well maintained factory in Kericho.


It is located on the left side along Bomet-Kericho road. It is 500 meters to the east of Premier center in Rift Valley province Kenya. Its brands are branded Kapchebet. Its tea leaves are of high quality. They majorly depend on the amount of tea picked by the farmers. It has 3000 workers both within and outside the factory. It offers services of tea spraying with top dressers to the registered customers in the company. The factory has the best mechanism that operates for 24-7 hours. This has yield more profit to the company. It has given an opportunity for the investors and the personnel willing to trade with the factory.


It is located in the North of Kericho town. It is at Brookside, a kilometer from Kericho Teachers Training College in Rift Valley province Kenya. Its brand is packed in yellow packs and branded Ketepa Tea leaves. It has 3000 workers that facilitate the progress of the company. It has a good transport network all over the country and the neighboring countries. It has always posted a great challenge to other companies producing the tea leaves. It yields a huge profit. It also has rentals and other living rooms for the visitors.


It is located at the west side of the town. It is on the left side of Bomet-Kericho road and opposite Kabianga high school in Rift Valley province Kenya. It has its branches all over Kenya. It has a maximum of 5000 workers that work to ensuring efficiency of the work within the factory. It has gained more publicity due to its good preference and taste. It has good and well maintained rentals for the visitors with a high security provision. It attracts more business men and women and allows them a chance to invest. It has a good network transport well-monitored for security purposes. It is the best performing factory in the region.


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