Best Chicken Breeds For Meat In Kenya

by Wamugunda Anne  - January 14, 2023

With growing popularity of raising backyard chicken come an increasing interest in raising meat chicken. Dual purpose chicken, those laying eggs and also used for their meat are the most commonly rared but mostfarmersare turning to broilers for their better flavor.just like layers each breed comes with a different result so choosing depends on what it is you want to achieve.

Broilers are chicken raised specifically for meat. They grow very fast compared to the egg laying or the dual purpose breed. Most of them have a high growth rate with high feeds convention and minimal activity. In five weeks broilers can reach a weight of upto 4-5 pounds. Dual purpose breed are usually smaller with slow growing rate.

Cornish Cross

its an excellent fast growing broiler. Harvest time for a 4 pound broiler is normally 7-8 weeks. Their body make up is superb with broad breast large legs and thighs and a rich yellow skn.

Jersey Giant

It weighs averagely 11-13 pounds. They grow at a slower rate than other meat birds, about 6 months to maturity making them undesirable for commercial purpose. They can also serve as dual purpose breed.


its a heavy bodied bird. Male can weigh up to 8.5 pounds female 6.5pounds. It’s hardy in heat and cold and matures quickly.can also serve as dual purpose. They have a calm and friendly disposition docking.


this dual purpose breed is cold weather hardy and adapts to various weather conditions. However because they are very active they do not do well in confined places, adapting best to free ranges. Weigh upto 9 pounds.






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