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Best Breeds Of Cattle Available In Kenya For Dairy Farmers

best breeds of cattle available in kenya for dairy farmers


Are you planning to invest your money in dairy farming in Kenya? You are on the right page. This article provides information on the best breeds of cattle you can find in Kenya. It also provides basic characteristics of individual breed for your easy identification and differentiation of one breed from the others.

Four breeds of dairy cattle are available in Kenya: Jersey, Friesian, Aryshire and Guernsey. These cattle breeds have different characteristics right from physical appearance and milk production.


This dairy cattle breed, whose origin is in the Netherlands, is easily recognized by its black and white color markings. It is the largest of all the dairy cattle breeds weighing approximately 750kg with a height of about 1.8m tall. Friesian breeds produce large quantity of milk with an average of 7.8 tones of per lactation.


This dairy cattle breed originated from England. It is of medium weight and is known for quality milk production while at the same time consuming about 20% less feed. They are usually red and white in color. Guernsey has an advantage of being an excellent grazer and has an average milk production of 6.65 tones per lactation


These are medium in weight weighing about 550kg when mature. They do better under pasture conditions as compared to other dairy breeds. They originated from Scotland and they are known for their high milk butter content. Pure breeds are usually white and red in color. Aryshire has an average of approximately 5.4tones per lactation


This breed of dairy cattle originated from the Island of Jersey. The cow weighs about 4.5 tones and are the smallest dairy breeds found in Kenya. They produce milk with high fat and butter content with an average of about 6700kg of milk per lactation under normal conditions

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