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Where To Sell Laptops In Nairobi Or Buy Second Hand Laptops In Nairobi City, Kenya

where to sell laptops in nairobi or buy second hand laptops in nairobi city kenya


Due to the latest advancement in technology, everyone is in a rush to acquire advanced machines and gadgets in Kenya. These technologically advanced gadgets in Kenya that most people are buying nowadays include smartphones in Kenya, tablets in Kenya, iPads in Kenya, iPhones in Kenya and laptops in Kenya. These gadgets enable people to perform tasks easily and faster than if they were not present and the technological assist in many other difficult tasks. For example, when you buy a smartphone in Kenya, you can use the Google maps to get directions of places you are not conversant with, you can scan barcodes to obtain information in the codes and many more tasks and activities. Buying Laptops in Kenya and using the laptops in office setups in Kenya- for instance in doing research in Kenya or by laptops are used by students in colleges and universities in Kenya in their studies. This has therefore, led to set up of electronic shops in Kenya where laptops are sold cheaply in Nairobi and its surroundings. These Computer shops in Nairobi city can sell or buy laptops in Kenya from people and then distribute them to other areas.

Soko Letu ICT Arcade Electronics shop in Nairobi

Soko Letu ICT Arcade Electronics shop in Kenya is found in Nairobi. Soko Letu ICT Arcade Electronics shop is found along Tom Mboya street in Nairobi. Soko Letu ICT Arcade in Nairobi is one of the Computer shops in Nairobi that deal with second hand laptops sale and purchase in Nairobi. Soko Letu ICT Arcade in Nairobi buy second hand laptops in Nairobi from sellers all over Kenya who wish to sell their used laptops, due to some reasons such as emergency need of money. Second hand laptops sellers in Nairobi usually get paid instantly by Soko Letu ICT Arcade Computer business in Kenya. The operators of Soko Letu Computer shop in ICT Arcade assign each laptop they buy a given price according to the properties of the laptop and other factors.

Soko Letu laptop shop in Nairobi deal with all types of laptops in Kenya. You can also buy laptop accessories in Kenya such as laptop adapters in Nairobi and laptop chargers from Soko Letu ICT Arcade shop in Nairobi. Soko Letu computer shop in Kenya sell laptops at cheap prices in Nairobi. For example, a hp Probook 4500 laptop of Ksh 45,000 when a new, costs as low as Ksh 29,000 in Soko Letu shop in Nairobi. When you buy a mini laptop in Nairobi such as a Compaq Presario of Ksh 23,000 when new can be sold between Ksh 13,500 and Ksh 17,000 in Soko Letu secondhand laptop shop in Nairobi. The price of laptops in Nairobi varies according to some of the factors such as the laptop’s minimal operational problem, but the Soko Letu ICT Arcade shop in Kenya ensure they sell laptops in Nairobi which are fully functional.

Ferinet shop and cyber cafe in Nairobi

Ferinet Laptop shop and cyber cafe in Nairobi is located on Mama Ngina street in Nairobi. Ferinet Electronic shop in Kenya is not very different from Soko Letu ICT Arcade shop in Nairobi- as they still buy second hand laptops in Nairobi and sell second hand laptops in Nairobi. The very difference between Ferinet Electronic shop and cyber cafe in Kenya and Soko Letu ICT Arcade in Nairobi is that, Ferinet Computer shop in Nairobi offers repair and maintenance of laptops services in Nairobi. Ferinet Electronic shop in Kenya repair the laptops such as replacement of screens, upgrading of the RAM, installation of computer software among other laptop maintenance services in Nairobi. 

The charges of Ferinet cyber cafe and computer shop on maintenance and laptop repair services in Nairobi depend on the cost of the repair parts and the kind of the services. For example, Ferinet Electronic and cyber cafe shop in Nairobi replace laptop screens in Nairobi at a charge of between Ksh 4,500 and Ksh 6,000 according to the size and the availability of the laptopn screen in Nairobi. The sale of laptops in Nairobi is also done in Ferinet Electronic shop in Kenya. Ferinet Electronic shop in Nairobi sell new laptops in Nairobi and sell second hand laptops in Nairobi. Ferinet Electronic shop in Kenya also buys second hand laptops in Nairobi. For example, a new hp mini laptop in Nairobi can be sold at Ksh 25,000 in Ferinet Electronic shop in Kenya, but when you purchase an old/ second hand laptop, it can cost Ksh 10,000.

Location of Soko Letu ICT Arcade shop in Nairobi

When in Nairobi city, the Soko Letu ICT Arcade shop is located in room number 15 on the second floor of Soko Letu ICT Arcade along Tom Mboya Street in Nairobi. Soko Letu ICT Arcade shop is opposite the Tusky’s bebabeba supermarket in Nairobi and adjacent to Tom Mboya Street Post office in Nairobi.

Location of Ferinet laptop shop and cyber cafe in Nairobi

Ferinet laptop shop in Nairobi is located in Norwich Union House in Nairobi along Moi Avenue. Ferinet shop in Nairobi is opposite Hilton Hotel on Mama Ngina Street along Moi Avenue. Ferinet electronic shop in Nairobi is also opposite Zetech College in Nairobi along Moi Avenue.

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