Categories of Laws in Kenya

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The Kenya law firm has made quite a number of laws that can be used to guide the various relationships that exist among various individuals. The following are the major classes of law in Kenya.

Public law

The branch of law, regulates the relationship between its citizens and the state in general. The law is also important as it regulates the operation of various organizations in the market system of Kenya. The major categories of public law include constitutional, criminal and administrative law.

Private law

It describes the branch of law that is mostly concerned with the rights and duties of individuals towards other individuals. It includes the law of torts, property law and the laws concerning with succession matters.

Criminal law

This type of law generally addresses the branch of law that specifies the general procedures to be followed by each citizen upon which non compliance of the above rules will lead to severe punishment.

Civil law

The branch of law generally regulates the relationship between various private individuals by enforcing various obligations to be followed or by simply compensating the parties that are injured and affected by a certain condition.

Procedural law

The branch of law specifies the general steps that should be followed by a person that needs to carry out a dangerous step in life. The above law determines the manner in which the court proceedings will be conducted by a certain party.

Substantive law

The law has the actual rules that generally define what  is unlawful and good things that can be done. It defines the various existing civil wrongs and later in turn provides the remedies that can be used to handle them.

International law

The above law defines the relationships that exist between Kenya and the global countries and further guides how they relate with one another.


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