Tourism Fund Head Office In Nairobi

by Jean Wandimi  - February 19, 2023

The Tourism Fund offices in Nairobi are located in NHIF Building in Community Area in Nairobi. The Tourism Fund Headoffices are on 5th floor of Car Park Towers on Ragati Road in UpperHill area in Nairobi. You get to Upper Hill via buses 7C picked from Kencom Bus Stage in Nairobi.

The Tourism Fund offices email address is [email protected]. You could also contact Tourism Fund on their website at The telephone contact numbers of Tourism Fund in Nairobi are (020)2717714, (020)2714901, (020)2714902, 0728337499 and 0733337499. 

Extra Mural Centres (study centres) of University of Nairobi in Kenya.
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