Top Hotels And Restaurants In Mombasa

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Besides the beautiful sun, cool breezes of the Indian Icean and spectacular beaches, Mombasa is also famous for its diverse cuisine offering Indian, Korean, Italian, Chinese, Arabic, Swahili and other mouth watering delicacies from all corners of the world. Notably, this is the land popular for Pilau and Biryani dishes amde from specially spiced rice, and cooked using the highly regarded coconut oil and milk.

The followig are some of the top hotels and restaurants you need to consider dropping by while on a vacation in the beautiful city of Mombasa:

Blue Room

A self-service restaurant with excellent cuisine options to choose from, including Indian cuisines, pizzas and burgers.

Arturo's Italiano

Frequented by Italian tourists for delicious Italian delicacies and other interesting dishes from all over the world.

La Marina

This is a restaurant that caters for almost all people from all corners of the world. Seafoods are common delicacies here.

Chinese Galaxy

This is the most popular Chinese restaurant offering different delicacies at affordable rates.

Maridadi Restaurant & Bar

The restaurant offers cuisines at an international level. It caters for everyone's needs.

Indo-Africa Restaurant

This is the oldest Indian restaurant in the region with great delicacies on their menu, but mainly Indian cuisines.

Tamarind Mombasa

It overlooks the Old Harbor of Mombasa island. The menu is mainly international seafood cuisine.

Safari Inn Bar & Restaurant

This a good eating point for regional delicacies and intermingling with foreign travelers in the area.

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