First Donkey Slaughter-House To Be Opened In Naivasha, Kenya

by Cynthia Kendeli  - August 1, 2023

So, Donkey Meat is legal in Kenya! To top it all, there is an entrepreneur in Naivasha, who is willing to start up a donkey slaughter-house. Kenyans do not have to worry anymore about the quality and cleaniliness of donkey meat anymore. 

This will mark the end of donkey ripped off meat by the road sides and in the bushes by butchers and traders in most parts of Kenya. Donkey meat has infact been legal for a long time. But who will be buying the donkey meat?

Kenyans who do not like the sound of equine meat (donkey meat), you do not have to worry anymore. The entrepreneur, Mr John Ngonjo intends to expoert the donkey meat to China, where there is a ready market for donkey meat.

The donkey slaughter house in Naivasha is to be started with Ksh 15 Million and it will create around 30 job vacancies in Kenya. 

The Donkey Slaughter House will be the first in Kenya and Africa at large.

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