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It is situated near the HASS station just before the main entrance to kericho town in Rift Valley Kenya. It is on the right on Kericho-Bomet highway. It is the biggest hotel in the county of Kericho. It has a swimming pool, recreation facilities (kid’s toys and picnic place), a golf-club and a meeting hall and the best bathrooms and toilet rooms within the Hotel compound. It offers services like free photography. It has fully furnished accommodation. It is the most cleanest and has good and quality services from its attendants with a high and best security. It was ranked the best in the county as the best in services to its customers.


It is situated just a hundred meters before Kericho day secondary school. It is on the right side Nakuru-Kericho highway in Rift Valley Kenya. It is the second biggest hotel in the county of kericho. It has recreation activities like the swimming pool and the resting bays that attract the visitors from abroad and within the country. It has a big hall that has since held night clubs for the various fm stations in Kenya. It is a place that is well known for hosting various festivals that includes; the church, government and even the kid’s festivals. It is boosted by fully and well furnished accommodation. It is well known for big events hosting in the county. It has the best security to all the customers who come to the place. It has a panoramic view of the tea zones in the county for the visitors to refresh themselves. It offers good cuisine both locally and internationally.


It is situated just at the main entrance from the highway near Chai Ndege SACCO. It is on the left side of Kericho-Bomet highway in Rift Valley Kenya. It is the third largest hotel in the county of kericho. It has well furnished rooms and living rooms. It has no swimming pools but has meeting rooms with a hall that can host a thousand people. It is known for hosting kids’ festivals as it has the kid toys and sliding bays. However it has a high security and quality services to its customers. it has a resting place for the visitors and a attractive site to look at the tea zones in the area.


It is situated near the K-Rep Bank just behind the Kericho Toyotas supply. It is in Rift Valley Kenya. It is the best ideal place for all the conferences and other festivals. It has well furnished washrooms and a clean accommodation rooms. It has a high security with good services right from the gate to the rooms inside.

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