How to open a Smart Banking transaction account in CfC Stanbic Bank and its Features in Kenya

by Ekai Kaoo  - August 1, 2023

Technology has made the life of many individuals easy and convenient all through. Many people who have been able to accept the revolution due to the advancement in technology and who have embraced the modes of lives accompanied by this advancement has been able to benefit from it. For instance, in the field of banking, technology has been able to make efforts in the introduction of paperless transaction in which the bank customers can use any services without the need of receipts or paper for approval of the transaction. Through the introduction of online banking, people are able to bank and manage their accounts online anytime from any location.

Most banks in Kenya has also introduced the use of Credit cards in which the customers can load their cards and be able to use the cards to pay for goods and services without necessarily carrying cash around. CfC Stanbic bank has introduced the Credit cards where the users can able to pay for goods and services online, make purchases and much more and the money comes directly from the account.

Smart Banking Account opening requirements, features and benefits;

CfC Stanbic bank have the understanding that some individuals have specific needs in banking. As a result, they introduced a personal transaction account (smart bank) that will suit the needs of the individual lifestyle. The account can be opened and accessed from any of the bank branches countrywide. The requirements for the opening of the account are; an identity card or passport, two passport sized photos, evidence of income that may include a Pay slip or a current for one month, evidence of physical address in form of utility bills and lease agreements, a minimum opening balance, an income range of between Ksh 30,000 and Ksh 149,999 and an introductory letter from the employer or an existing CfC Stanbic bank customer.

The major features that this account will offer to the customers is that firstly, the minimum opening balance that is required is only Ksh 1,000 and it will have 1 free external standing order per month. With this account, the account holder can access a salary advance, will be provided with 1 free banker’s cheques per month as well as free ATM withdrawals at CfC Stanbic Bank ATM machines. Other features and benefits that the account holders will enjoy is free internet banking access from anywhere in the world, free salary credit, mobile banking linked to the account, free silver debit card including secondary card upon account holder request, free internal standing orders with no minimum operating balance as well as free monthly e-statement upon signing up.

Through the opening of the personal transaction smart banking account, the customer is provided with a free debit card which has major benefits that can help the user in his/her banking. The benefits involved in the use of the debit card is that you can use the debit card for ATM withdrawals, or to pay for purchases anywhere, anytime and the amount will come off the account immediately, the debit card is linked to the saving or transaction account, pay for goods locally or around the world. The card can also be used in any branch to check for account balances, mini statement and cash withdrawals.


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