Short Courses Offered By African Institute Of Research And Development Studies In Kenya.

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People who have gone to school in kenya knows that learning is a continues process that begins once you are born. Therefore after finishing you college and you are working it is always good to keeping increasing your knowledge and this can be done by pursuing short courses called professional courses. These professional courses adds value to already existing academic qualifications and some time can earns someone employment.

AIRADS is one of the accredited institutions that offer short professional courses. These courses are open to everyone; this means that there are no restrictions in terms of admission requirement. The courses take a minimum of one month apart from French and English. The classes of the short courses at AIRADS begin every Monday hence a person can join any time they are ready. These courses are offered at the main campus of AIRADS in Eldoret town along the Eldoret – Nakuru highway and they include the following;


  • Certificate in project manage

  • Certificate in disaster management.ment.

  • Certificate in Non governmental organization (NGO) management.

  • Certificate in HIV/AIDS management.

  • Certificate in counseling.

  • Certificate in business counseling and consultancy.

  • Certificate in electrical and electronics.

  • Certificate in computer repair and maintenance.

  • Certificate in networking.

  • Certificate in public relation.

  • Certificate in business plan writing.

  • Certificate in conflict management.

  • Certificate in grand proposal writing.

  • Certificate in research proposal writing.

  • Certificate in gender and human rights.

  • Certificate in enterprise and business management.

  • Certificate in advocacy and lobbying.

  • Certificate in health records management.

  • Certificate in leadership skills.

  • Certificate in drug abuse and rehabilitation.

  • Certificate in marketing plan writing.

  • Certificate in school/college management.

  • French.

  • Book keeping.

  • English.


For more information on these professional courses and amount of money they pay, you can check the institution website at


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