Programmes Offered At Kabarak University Main Campus In Kenya

by Lotela Paul  - May 12, 2022

Kabarak University main campus in Kenya located in Kabarak in Kenya is a fully chartered private university in Kenya which enables it to offer certificate courses in Kenya, diploma courses in Kenya, degree courses in Kenya and master programmes in Kenya. Kabarak University in Kenya joined the other chartered universities in Kenya in 2008, when it was chartered by Hon. Mwai Kibaki who was the former president of Kenya. Since Kabarak University in Kenya is an accredited institution in Kenya, it offers various courses at the Kabarak University Main Campus in Kenya.

The programmes offered in Kabarak University Main Campus in Kenya are organized into school-based university programmes and regular based university programmes in Kenya. The school –based programme in Kabarak University Main Campus in Kenya is offered during the holidays in Kenya which is during the months of April, August and December. The Kabarak University Main Campus school-based programmes in Kenya that are offered by the Kabarak University Main Campus in Kenya include Diploma in Education (Arts) in Kenya, Bachelor of Education (Arts) in Kenya, and Bachelor of Education (science) in Kenya.

The Kabarak University Main Campus regular programmes in Kenya are the courses in Kenya that are offered on full time basis by the Kabarak University Main Campus in Kenya. The regular programmes in Kenya are offered under three schools at the Kabarak University Main Campus in Kenya. The schools offering full time courses in Kabarak University Main Campus in Kenya are the Kabarak University School of Law, Kabarak University School of Science, Engineering and Technology and Kabarak University School of Theology, Education and Arts. The only course that is offered at the Kabarak University School of Law in Kenya is the Bachelor of Laws.

The School of Theology, Education and Arts in Kabarak University Main Campus offers the Bachelor of Theology in Kenya, Bachelor of Education (science) in Kenya, Bachelor of Education (Arts) in Kenya, Diploma in Education (Arts) in Kenya and Diploma in Theology in Kenya. The degree courses in Kenya offered at the Kabarak University main campus in the School of Science, Engineering and Technology include; Bachelor of Science in Environment Science in Kenya, Bachelor of Science in Information Technology in Kenya, Bachelor of science (computer science) in Kenya and Bachelor of science (Telecommunication).

The other degree courses in Kenya offered at the Kabarak University Main Campus in Kenya are bachelor of science (Economics) in Kenya, Bachelor of commerce in Kenya, and Bachelor of business management and information technology in Kenya. The only master programme in Kenya offered at the Kabarak University Main Campus in Kenya is master of Business Administration in Kenya. There are bridging courses in Kenya in mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics subjects which are offered alongside other courses in Kabarak University Main Campus in Kenya.

If you want to make more enquiries about the courses offered at the Kabarak University Main Campus in Kenya, you can contact the admission office of Kabarak University at the address P.O Box 20157 Kabarak or via Kabarak University telephone number +254 20 2114658 and phone number 0729223370. Kabarak University in Kenya is located on Nakuru-Eldama Ravine Highway in Kenya. Kabarak University is located 20kms north of Nakuru town along the Eldama Ravine Road and matatu to Kabarak University from Nakuru town can be picked from Nakuru main stage and use the Nakuru-Kabarak Road Route. Kabarak University Main Campus in Kenya has an email address at [email protected]  or the Kabarak University website at . Kabarak University site is at

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