Courses Offered By Magenta Training Institute in Kenya.

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Magenta institute is one of the best institutes in Kenya that offer professional courses. It was established in 1998 and since that time, it has grown to be one of the best institutions. It is a recognized institution because it was been registered the former ministry of higher education (which is now recognized as commission for higher education) in Kenya.

This institution is located in Nairobi city, second floor of Giwa House along Moi Avenue near Muranga junction. It offers certificate, diploma and advance diploma courses in a variety of courses. These courses includes:

Certificate courses in Magenta institute in Kenya.

  • Certificate in mass communication.

  • Certificate in web journalism techniques.

  • Certificate in photo journalism.

  • Certificate in internet broadcasting techniques.

  • Certificate in news casting techniques.

  • Certificate in on air radio presentation.

  • Certificate in video production.

Diploma courses in Magenta institute in Kenya.

  • Diploma in journalism and media studies.

  • Diploma in mass communication.

  • Diploma in media techniques – print journalism.

  • Diploma in media techniques – video production.

  • Diploma in business studies.

  • Diploma in sales management and marketing.

  • Diploma in human resource management.

  • Diploma in marketing, advertising and public relation.

  • Diploma in purchasing and supply management.

Advance diploma courses.

  • Advance diploma in human resource management.

  • Advance diploma in marketing, advertising and public relation.

  • Advance diploma in purchasing and supply management.

For more information on the courses offered by Magenta institute in Kenya, contact:

Magenta training institute

P.O. Box 20119 – 00200, Nairobi, Kenya.

Telephone number: 0202229749

Cell phone number: 0721456073

Email address: or


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