Sources of Revenue In Kenya

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The government of Kenya has various channels that it uses to make money and obtain revenue from its people. The list below gives some of the best sources of revenue for the government of Kenya.


The most important source of revenue for the government that is gotten by citizens paying for some of the goods and services they get and acquire from the public. The tax can be directly or indirectly imposed on the people being taxed. The rate of taxation in the country  will keep changing depending on the reasons provoking the government to charge people taxes.


Refers to the amounts received from the various direct services that are offered by the public. The services are provided by the local authority farms a good example being the parking fees charged daily in the city centers. The government should however, avoid charging high price sfor commodities to continue staying and offering better services that can be affordable by many of its citizens.


The money collected by the central or local authority firms due to the many number of commercial activities that take place in the country. The above include railway fee and telephone services. The government should also be elastic so as to collect money from people when demand shows that need be for collecting money from it.

Fines and Penalties

The event will take place hen the respective individuals continually fail to cope up with the rules provided by the nation hence they go ahead to pay up for their mistakes. Citizens will be expected to pay heavy fines to the government when they continually break rules and affect innocent parties by their unhealthy and inhuman behaviors making it hard for them to cope up with progress.

State Property

Some property belongs to the government and can be used as a channel for making more money in return. The income that comes from such projects is considered to be public revenue.



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