Categories Of E-Commerce In Kenya

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It is simply the general concept that includes the electronic trading of goods and services by the of electronic materials or ICT. In Kenya, there are four major ways in which businesses carry out business over the internet. The following category gives some of the best online ways of conducting business.

Direct Marketing and Selling

The practice involves companies selling their products directly to the end users. Examples of such companies include safaricom and Isp.It involves the direct sale of products to the surrounding customers.

Online Banking and Billing

Some major forms of businesses major and specialize to offer their services by doing business through online banking. The transactions can be into two major groups that include either money or information. The examples of such businesses in Kenya include the cloud computing services, beba pay, and Mobile money transfer.

Information Distribution

Some companies provide information services at a fee. Majority of them are related with mobile services. The information is charged at different rates depending on the usage of the various customers a certain company has.

Value Chain Integration

The electronic platform increases business efficiency by enhancing more accuracy and reducing the many number of errors found and witnessed in the daily business operations of a company. The Ecommerce platform is making way for many businesses to expand and continue providing a lot of services to its customers.

Companies should start using ICT in high efforts to try and reach the huge number of customers that are found over the internet. It will help them make more profit.



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