Tomato Pests and Diseases Affecting Kenyan Farmers

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Tomatoes are a major source of income for farmers in Kenya and several measures need to be taken to ensure that the fruits are well protected from attack by pests. It is good for farmers to control the spread of diseases affecting the plants for the main purpose of ensuring that they gain maximum profit from them and that they have better ways of preventing any harmful damage to the plants.

American bollworm

Is the larva stage of a moth that may be brown, green or pink in color? It is the most destructive stage of the moth and attacks fruits of tomatoes. It lays several eggs on young fruits that bear holes on the fruits upon them hatching. The worm feeds with its head inside the tomato fruit.


Spraying the tomatoes can be the best alternative for the control measures. A good insecticide should be used in the process. Other minor tomato pests include cutworm, red spider, mite and nematodes.

Tomato blight

It is a major fungal disease caused by phytophthora infestans.It is the most serious of the tomato diseases. Dry brown lesions on stems, leaves and fruits are some of the symptoms of attack by the crop. Fungal spores germinate when there is moisture in the leaves and fruits.

Bacterial wilt

Tomato plants that are attacked by this parasite will eventually wither and die when the weather conditions of a particular place. Certified seeds are used in the control of the pest.

Blossom end rot

Manifested in the roots where the blossom ends appear rotten and water –soaked plants. Regular watering ensures that the produce does well in places with plenty supply.


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