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Bullfighting Event In Malinya Stadium Is A Tourist Attraction In Western Kenya

bullfighting event in malinya stadium is a tourist attraction in western kenya


Bullfighting is a cultural practice that has become famous in western Kenya. Bullfighting in Kenya is majorly practiced by the residents of Kakamega County specifically in Shinyalu and Ikolomani constituencies. Bullfighting events in Kenya led to the establishment of a stadium in Ikolomani constituency for bullfighting known as Malinya Stadium in Kenya. Bullfighting event is usually a type of sport that the people in Western Kenya always conduct on some Saturdays and public holidays in Kenya. Bullfighting in Kenya has thousands of fans from Isukha, Idakho and Batsotso who are sub-tribes of Luhyia community residing in Kakamega county in Kenya. Bullfighting has become a tourist attraction activity in Kakamega parts of Kenya since lots of people assemble during the bullfighting event.

There are various known people from the Luhya sub-tribes in Kenya (Isukha, Idakho and Batsotso) that have the bulls which participate in the bullfighting events in Kakamega. The bulls to be used during bullfighting in Western Kenya are usually well prepared in case there is a competition of bullfighting. The bulls which participate in the bullfighting in Kenya are usually prepared by keeping in them in zero-grazing and isolating them from other cattle so that they can turn wild. The bulls used during bullfighting events in Malinya Stadium in Kenya are also subjected to a balanced diet. On the eve of bullfighting event in Western Kenya, the bulls are usually given a local brew known as busaa so that they turn aggressive during the bullfight.

During the eve of bullfighting events in Kenya, people wake up early in the morning at around 5 am and start moving with their bulls to the venue of the bullfight, which is Malinya Stadium in Ikolomani Constituency. The people accompanying the bulls participate in the famous Isukuti dance in Kenya and continue to sing and dance towards the venue of bullfighting event in Kenya. These bulls that fight are occasionally prepared psychologically one before the event. When the bulls are fighting, people keep singing and dancing Isukuti dance in Western Kenya so as to motivate their respective bulls.

The owner of the bull that wins during the bullfight in Kenya is honored and given prizes which can be in terms of money. The people of the village where the bull that won the bullfight in Kakamega comes from usually sing songs of praise as they escort the bull back home. The senator of Kakamega county, Dr.Bonny Khalwale is a famous supporter of bullfighting in Kenya and in most occasions he actively participate in the bullfighting event in Western Kenya. The Senator of Kakamega county has one of the bulls called Kwayumba, that also participates in the bullfighting competition in Kenya and he usually sponsor prizes for the bullfighting event in Kenya.

Although the culture of the bullfighting in Western Kenya was considered of no use, the government of Kenya has finally recognized its usefulness to the community members of Luhyia in Kenya. The government of Kenya contributed Kshs.12.5 million that was used in the construction of Malinya stadium in Ikolomani constituency in Kenya.

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