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Where To Get Accommodation In Kitui Town In Kenya: Flavas Restaurant In Kitui

where to get accommodation in kitui town in kenya flavas restaurant in kitui


Restaurants and hotels in Kenya are more common, especially in major towns in Kenya for offering food and drinks to customers. The restaurants in Kenya are developed for the purpose of offering cheap, and high standard food to ensure that their customers are satisfied. Most restaurants in Kenya are located in popular buildings and common plaza in towns for their popularity and to attract customers to the hotels. Others hotels in Kenya are situated in major supermarkets in Kenya such as Nakumatt Junction in Nairobi which has KFC restaurant along Ngong Road in Nairobi.

Flavas restaurant is one of the popular hotels in Kitui which offer a lot of services as far as food is concerned. Flavas restaurant in Kenya was established by an Arab in Kitui town for the provision of food to Masons who were building the Kitui structures in Kenya. Flavas hotel in Kenya is one of the oldest restaurants in Kitui town in Kenya. Flavas Restaurant in Kenya has the experience in the hotel industry. The services it offers to residents are various and are:

Services offered by Flavas Restaurant in Kitui town

Firstly, from its name, Flavas Restaurant in Kitui town offers flavoured food from different flavours. Flavas Restaurant in Kitui town offer variety of foods such as rice which could be flavoured with coconut oil, turmeric, Indian flavours and many more flavours. Flavas Restaurant has qualified chefs in Kenya who prepare the food according to all the specification and in a very clean environment. After the food is ready, it is also stored in a clean environment from where it will be taken when a customer order for that particular food.

Secondly, Flavas Restaurant in Kitui town provides the services of cake baking in Kitui town. There is a department that deals with cake baking in Flavas hotel in Kitui town. The Flavas cake baking business in Kenya bake different models of cakes, designs and taste for different occasions in Kenya. You can therefore, buy all kinds of cakes from Flavas Restaurant in Kitui for different functions such as wedding cakes in Kenya. Also from Flavas Hotel in Kenya, Cake buyers in Kitui can order for their cakes to be baked for them according to the specification they want.

Lastly, Flavas restaurant in Kenya also offers accommodation services in Kitui town. Flavas Restaurant in Kenya has well managed rooms for accommodation in Kenya with all comfort required by their customers. The Flavas Restaurant has hot water shower bathrooms, spacious rooms and DSTv for their customers viewing purposes. They also ensure that tourists in Kenya and visitors in the Flavas Restaurant and Guest House in Kitui receive breakfast in the morning. For accommodation in Kitui guest house of Flavas Restaurant, you pay a charge of Ksh 2,500 per room per night.

Location of Flavas Restaurant in Kitui town, Kenya

Flavas Restaurant in Kenya is located in Kitui town, which is in the Eastern part of Kenya. Kitui town is about 168 KM from Nairobi city. To get to Flavas Restaurant in Kitui town from Kitui Bus station, you follow the West exit from the Kitui bus station onto Kilungya Street. You should walk towards the North along Kilungya Street in Kitui and about 500 metres away you arrive to Flavas restaurant in Kenya. Flavas Restaurant in Kenya is situated next to National Bank Kitui branch in Kenya.

Driving to Flavas Restaurant from Kitui Municipal Council office in Kitui, you should turn left on the junction before you get to Cooperative Bank Kitui branch and drive straight for 100 metres to Flavas Restaurant in Kitui.

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