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The Most Popular Supermarkets In Nairobi, Kenya

the most popular supermarkets in nairobi kenya


Over time, Kenyan shoppers bought their household necessities from the estate “duka” outside their court. They would then go to “mama mboga” across the road for the vegetables. Other items such as hand brushes would be bought from the hardware shop in the nearest town as the seller at the estate hardware would charge exorbitant prices for his goods. Well, this is not the case anymore in Kenya. With the introduction of supermarkets in Kenya, Kenyans can do all or most of their shopping under one roof. Most supermarkets in Kenya today stock all sorts of goods needed in a house: television sets, beds, gas cookers, clothes, you name it. They have even gone as far as selling cooked food in the chain stores in Kenya.

There are many supermarket chain stores in Kenya today. Most of these supermarket chain stores have branches in all the major towns in Kenya. The chain stores then have their headquarters in Nairobi town. With the ever increasing population in Nairobi city, there are more supermarkets found within the CBD as compared to any other town in the country. Some of the supermarket chain stores found in Nairobi town are:

Tuskys supermarkets

Turskys supermarkets are the most pronounced chain stores found in the Nairobi city centre. There are at least 6 stores of the same brand within the city. Turskys store management has given the chain stores different names for ease in identification. Tuskys Pioneer in Nairobi is found at the far end of the city along Moi Avenue. It neighbors the 1998 August bomb blast memorial park and serves shoppers in the Nairobi downtown. Then there is Tuskys Hakati off Mfangano street in Nairobi. Up wards, there is Tuskys Magic along Ronald Ngala Street and Tuskys Imara along Accra road serving shoppers around the central area of the city of Nairobi. At the far top, along Tom Mboya Street are Tuskys Beba and Tuskys Daima. The two of them then serve shoppers in the uptown parts of the city. This widespread placement of the Turskys chain stores has led to the stores popularity.

Nakumatt Supermarket

Nakumatt supermarket does not have as many stores in the CBD as Tuskys. There are only a few Nakumatt supermarkets in Nairobi. There is Nakumatt Moi Avenue along Moi Avenue in Nairobi. It is interesting to note that this particular branch is open 24hrs a day and therefore shoppers can shop all through the night. There is then Nakumatt Ronald Ngala and Nakumatt City Hall in Nairobi town’s central area and Nakumatt Lifestyle along Monrovia Street serving shoppers in the up-town.

Naivas Supermarket

This particular chain store gained entry into the market long after Tuskys and Nakumatt, and like Nakumatt there are just a few stores in the city centre. There are only 2 stores along Ronald Ngala Street in Nairobi.

Ukwala and Uchumi Supermarkets in Kenya

These brands are not as popular as they used to be back in the day in Kenya. There is only one Uchumi store found along Aga Khan Walk.  Ukwala has approximately three stores in Nairobi city centre, one along Ronald Ngala Avenue and two along Tom Mboya Street. You can now shop for your goods in a localized area, and this cuts on the time spent moving up and buy to buy goods from different sellers in Kenya.

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