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Services Available In Red Heron Centre In Kitengela, Kenya

services available in red heron centre in kitengela kenya


Kitengela in Kenya is a town located 40 kilometres towards South West of Nairobi. It has tremediously developed and has a huge population due to the fact that there are cheaply available land and plots for sale in Nairobi. The huge growing population of Kenya has made it possible for contractors in Nairobi to establish buildings which can be used to accomodate the Nairobi residents as well as setting up businesses. There are a few buildings which host most of big businesses and offices in Kitengela part of Nairobi. The buildings in Kitengela area in Nairobi include Mk Arcade, Accra Plaza, Red Heron center in Kitengela, Capical centre building and many more all in Kitengela Town.

Services available at Red Heron centre in Kitengela

Kitengela shopping mall in Kitengela is located in Red Heron Centre in Kenya. The Kitengela shopping mall in Kitengela has various services provided for the residents. The services found within Red Heron Centre in Kitengela include:

Supermarket found in Red Heron Centre in Kitengela- Naivas supermarket Kitengelabranch is located in Kitengela shopping mall which offers cheap services and high standards products to the residents of Kitengela.The services provided in Naivas Supermarket in Kitengela includeshouseholdequipement, fashionproducts, clothing, shoes, travelaccessories, cosmetics, farmequipment, childrengadgetsandmanymore. Most Residents of Kitengela go shopping in Naivas supermarket.

Bakery located in Kitengela shopping mall: Naivas supermarket bakery in Kitengela offer their baking services to their customers. Naivas supermarket in Kitengela enable residents of Kitengela to enjoy baked foodstuff such as cakes, biscuits and others cheaply and from near their residence. 

Cafeteria in Red Heron Centre in Kitengela- Naivas supermarket in Kitengela is also have a cafeteria located in Kitengela shopping mall where people can enjoy meals cooked under their instructions by the highly qualified chefs available. These meals and services provided in Cafeteria in Kitengela Shopping Mall may include meat, rice, kebab, cocktails, chips and other various types of food.

Medical Centre in Kitengela shopping mall; This medical centre located in Red Heron Centre in Kitengela lays host to the Batian medical centre in Kenya. This is a medical centre with all hospital legal rights in Kenya to offer medical services to the residents of Kitengela. From here, you can have a doctor prescription of drugs, blood screening, testing, consultations and all medical services in Kitengela. The medical centre in Kitengela shopping mall is open on weekdays on official working hours and the hospital in Kitengela are located on the second floor of Red Heron centre.

Britam Insurance Kitengela branch; Britam insurance company in Kenya has an office in Kitengela for bringing their services near to the people. The Britam office in Kitengela enables the people to seek the insurance services in Kitengela more frequent since it is nearby. The Britam office handles all their customers with equity, respect and efficiency and therefore anyone visiting it can never be intimidated.

Housing finance Office in Kitengela; Housing Finance company in Kenya has a branch in Kitengela in the Red Heron centre. Here in Housing Finance customers in Kitengela pay frequent visits to enquire for any query concerning housing and also seek the housing services such as house allowance and welfare of their houses and households.

Valentine Cake House in Kitengela shopping mall; The Valentine Cake House in Kitengela bake cakes according to orders from their cutomers. Residents of Kitengela usually visit Valentine Cake House in Red Heron Centre. Valentine cake house also offerhire services where you can hire their bakers to bake a cake at your home at a reasonable fee of Ksh 2,500 per cake, but this will also vary according to the size of the cake, the design and the distance of your home from their location.

Pharmacy shops in Kitengela; Red heron centre in Kitengela also host most of pharmacy and chemists in Kitengela. They provide for drugs and consultation services for their customers. The most famous pharmacy in Kitengela due its quality services and original drugs is the Kite Limited pharmacy in Kitengela, and it is located in this centre.

Kenchic Inn Kitengela; This is Kenchic Inn Kitengela branch offer services of different cooking techniques of chicken and their products. Most customers from Naivas supermarket in Kitengela usually visit the place for the quality chicken. The highly-qualified staff from kenchic inn ensures that they provide their services fully and in a friendly manner to their customers.

Kitengela boutique and shoeshop; Red heron centre in Kitengela host the largest boutique in Kitengela, Kitengela boutique and shoeshop. The shoe and boutique shop in Kitengela has quality of shoes and clothes which they sell at affordable prices compared to other boutiques in Kitengela.

Location of Red Heron Centre in Kitengela

There are a number of public service vehicles operating from Nairobi to Kitengela and are accessible from the Nairobi railways station or from adjacent to Easy coach office in Nairobi next to Railways. The matatu to Kitengela from Nairobi normally charge Ksh 100. After the main bus station at Kitengela found in the Kobil petrol station, head on straight south on the Nairobi – Namanga Road like about 400 metres and you will be at Red heron centre. Red Heron Centre in Kitengera is situated on the right along Namanga Road.Driving to Kitengela Red Heron centre is also an easy task. If you heading to Kitengela from Nairobi, head south to Uhuru Highway then straight to Mombasa Road. Drive along Mombasa Road then shift to Namanga road through Athi river and you will approach Kitengela. Drive straight through Namanga Road and after 400 metres from Kitengela town centre, you destination, Red Heron Centre would be on your right.


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