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Services Available At Night In Nairobi City, Kenya

services available at night in nairobi city kenya


There are many people in Kenya who are nocturnal per se and as such they are always looking for places to spend their night life. Most of the towns in Kenya are quiet, sluggish dispirited and apathetic at night. People in Kenya who enjoy night life would most certainly have no fun in such towns. Moreover, moving around in such towns in Kenya is exposing oneself to many security risks. One of the cities in Kenya full of vim and vigour even at night is Nairobi city.

Nairobi city has over time turned into the typical 24 hour economy. Nairobi city is the most vivacious city in Kenya. You would be surprised at the night life in Nairobi city, the popular night clubs being the most tangible culprits. The clubs in Nairobi and its estates always offer their services all night. To name a few; Bettys Club and I club, both along Kimathi Street in Nairobi, Samba club, Rumours club, Liddos Club and AppleBees Club. Nairobi is one of the financially prominent cities in Africa and this prominence has been largely brought about by its lively nature.

There are Nairobi hawkers selling their wares along the streets of Nairobi in the wee hours of the nights. These Nairobi vendors will find them all over and more so around the Kencom area in the city centre. Probably, they eye the inebriated persons leaving the Nairobi night clubs, mostly for other night clubs located in different parts of the city. Shoes are laid out on the streets in all shapes, sizes and designs waiting for potential buyers to spot them and buy them.

Coffee vendors in Nairobi walking with their urns can also be spotted in Nairobi city at night. The coffee vending business in Kenya is very lucrative as the hawkers displaying their wares need to keep themselves warm. Policemen in Nairobi city also do their night patrols in the night. They help in law enforcement in Kenya and ensure that the city is in order. These nightly patrols have helped to reduce the crime rates in Nairobi at night. The lighting also makes the city look as bright as day.

Most Nairobi routes have matatus operating even in the wee hours of the night. It is interesting to note how fast the matatus fill up even at night in Nairobi.  People are always getting in, some who got from work late, and others who travelled late and of course the drunken Nairobi revelers.

Some Nairobi hotels are also open for 24 hours a day. Most of these Hotels in Nairobi are strategically placed near the Nairobi night clubs to attract the drunken revelers who need a bite or in need of accommodation. Most of the hotels are usually fast food joints in Nairobi such as Nevada Chips and Fish and Chicken House in Nairobi city centre. Some of the hotels which offer accommodation to night clubbing people in Nairobi include Ambasadeur Hotel in city centre. There are also supermarkets in Nairobi such as Nakumatt Moi Avenue where people who need some nightly shopping can get the solace.

Finally, there are many hotels in Nairobi that offer lodging and accommodation services for those in Nairobi who are probably too tired to get home. Even for the travellers in Kenya who need to catch a few winks before going on with their journey, can always find a place to lay their head in Nairobi city. Such hotels in Nairobi include Nairobi Serena Hotel near Uhuru Park and next to Central Park, Hilton Hotel in City Centre, Fairview Hotel, The Pacific Hotel on Tom Mboya Street, Karibu hotel in Central Business District(CBD), Kenya Comfort Inn Hotel on Muindi Mbingu and Monrovia Street Junction, opposite Jeevanjee Gardens among many other hotels in Nairobi city centre. Nairobi has quite many services being offered at night than anyone thought.

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