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Location Of West Side Mall In Nakuru Town: Services Offered In West Side Mall In Kenya

location of west side mall in nakuru town services offered in west side mall in kenya


Nakuru is a town in Nakuru County in Kenya which is located 132 Km from Nairobi city in Kenya. Nakuru town in Kenya plays host to a lot of businesses, schools, colleges and universities and therefore has a large population density. Colleges and universities in Nakuru town include Nairobi Aviation college Nakuru branch, JKUAT Nakuru campus, Kenyatta University Nakuru Campus, Egerton University Nakuru campus and many more. Nakuru town in Rift Valley part of Kenya has various catchment areas and tourist attractions sites which has led to its development. The development has led to building of shopping malls in Nakuru where the residents of Nakuru can shop without difficulties. One of these shopping malls in Nakuru is West side shopping mall.

Services available at West Side Shopping Mall in Nakuru town

Nakumatt Mega Supermarket in West Side Mall in Nakuru

Nakumatt supermarket in Kenya has a Nakumatt Mega branch in Nakuru town in Kenya. The Nakumatt Mega Supermarket in Nakuru is located in West Side Shopping Mall along Nairobi Eldoret Highway. Nakumatt supermarket in Kenya provides the best and high quality shopping experience to the residents of Nakuru in Kenya. Nakumatt supermarket in Nakuru has all goods and services that most supermarkets in Nakuru do not offer, and deals with all types of household equipment such as utensils, farm equipment such as machetes, digging forks, water cans and many more. Nakumatt supermarket in Nakuru is also a place which offers clothes and shoes in Nakuru town in Kenya which are highly fashionable, Cosmetics, Foodstuff and other goods. Nakumatt supermarket also offers services such as baking cakes in Nakuru and other food orders to their customers in the Nakumatt supermarket cafe in Nakuru.

Prime bank in West Side Mall in Nakuru

Banking services in Nakuru are also available in the West Side Shopping Mall in Nakuru. Prime bank in Nakuru has a bank branch in West Side Mall in Nakuru where its customers can access their services easier and faster. For example, opening of bank accounts with Prime Bank in Nakuru, balance enquiry and all types of enquiries, cash withdrawal and deposits and other bank services that prime bank offers to their bank customers in Kenya. Prime bank also has a Prime bank ATM lobby in West Side Mall in Nakuru where their customers can get the ATM services in Nakuru they seek for easily and faster as it is near to them.

Aga Khan University Hospital in West Side Mall in Nakuru

Aga Khan University hospital in Nakuru has a hospital branch they established in the West Side Mall for easier provision of their hospital services in Nakuru. This Agha Khan Hospital Nakuru branch in Kenya can provide any hospital services from diagnosis of patients from diseases, consultations to doctors in Nairobi available in the Agha Khan Hospital clinic and medical check up in Kenya among many other services.

Samsung Shop in West Side Mall in Nakuru

Samsung being a mobile company in Kenya with different variety of products from samsung mobile phones, samsung laptops, samsung cameras, samsung fridges, television sets, microwaves and many more involve a lot of customers who need their help in the use of these products and enquiries. Samsung therefore has established a samsung shop in Nakuru located in West Side Mall. From the Nakuru samsung shop in West Side Shopping mall in Kenya, the samsung customers in Kenya can purchase Samsung products and enquire for any problems and challenges they are facing using them. Clients of Samsung are served with caution by the qualified Samsung personnel in Nakuru Samsung shop.

Imperial bank in West Side Mall in Nakuru

Imperial bank in Kenya through their Imperial Bank Nakuru branch located at West Side shopping Mall, enables their customers to access their services easily as they do not have to travel to the Imperial bank main branch in Nairobi for their services.

Equity bank in West Side Mall in Nakuru

Equity bank in Kenya has an Equity Bank branch in the West side shopping mall in the second floor. Clients of Equity Bank in Nakuru use the Equity Bank West Side Mall Branch for faster access of banking services in Kenya, where they are secure to bank their money and business capital and access it anytime they want by even through the Equity Bank ATM services in the West Side Mall.

First Assurance in West Side Mall in Nakuru

Assurance of the living can be very important at times. The residents of Nakuru are therefore privileged to have an office of an assurance company in Kenya which enable them to insure their property and life in Kenya through the different forms of insurance they offer. The first assurance offices in Nakuru are situated in the West Side Mall second floor.

Location of West Side Shopping Mall in Nakuru Town in Kenya

The West Side Shopping mall is situated 200 metres from the Nakuru  town on the Nakuru– Eldoret highway in Kenya. West Side mall in Nakuru is located near Dimples Club and one can get there from Nakuru biashara stage via walking along the highway or taking a taxi or a moto cycle.  

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