How To Get To Garden City And The Location Of Garden City Project Along Thika Road In Nairobi, Kenya

by admin  - April 18, 2023

A private equity firm called Actis announced its project called the Garden city in Nairobi city. Garden City project in Nairobi is a 12.4 billion project that is along the Thika super highway in Kenya. The 32acre housing development in Kenya that goes by the name Garden City will consist of a Garden City mall in Kenya that is 50,000 metres squared. Garden City Project in Kenya will also have modern commercial offices, 500 homes and a Garden City park in Nairobi. This Garden City park will be 4acres and it will house an outdoor Garden City arena in Kenya for holding shows and events. The Garden City in Nairobi city will also have the finest game store in Africa. The construction of this Garden City project in Kenya commenced in early November and is set to be complete in May 2014. This Garden City project in Kenya will serve the needs of Kenyans home owners, shoppers and business owners. Actis company is Sub Saharan experienced developer. Actis company in Africa has a great reputation and has built multi billion dollar properties in Kenya and Africa as a whole. Actis development company also built the Nakumatt Junction Mall in Nairobi found along Ngong Road in Kenya. The construction of Garden City project is spearheaded by Knight Frank company in Kenya and Nairobi Based Mentor management.

Nakumatt supermarket in Kenya will also open a branch in Garden City along Thika Road in Nairobi. Nakumatt Supermarket is one of the largest chains of supermarkets that we have in Kenya and opening a branch in Garden City in Nairobi will help to boost its revenues. Knight Frank is working with both local and international businesses to fill the remaining space in the Garden City project. This Garden City facility in Nairobi will include the best practices in construction that have ever been seen. Other firms that have eyed the investments are Pepsi Company in Kenya and Uchumi supermarket in Kenya. Several projects like Tatu city in Nairobi, Thika Greens in Nairobi and Migaa in Nairobi have been underway due to the Thika Superhighway being constructed in Kenya. Garden City in Nairobi will also house a South African Fashion group Foschini.

One can get to Garden City in Nairobi using different matatus that use Thika Road in Nairobi. You can take the Githurai 45matatus in Nairobi and alight before All Sops stage in Nairobi to get to Garden City project. The Githurai matatus in Nairobi are in Ronald Ngala Street. You can also get the Githurai matatu stage opposite Imenti House in Tom Mboya Street in Nairobi. There are other Githurai Matatus on Tom Mboya Street in World Business Centre in Nairobi. The Garden City project has not been completed as of now. The construction companies in Kenya are in the middle stages of completing the Nairobi Garden City project. Different projects have come up along Thika Road after the construction of the Thika Super Highway by the Kenyan and Chinese government. Examples of such projects that cropped up due to the construction of Thika Super Highway in Kenya are the Thika Road Mall in Nairobi near Roysambu area and Mountain Mall in Nairobi near Rosters in Nairobi. Garden city project along Thika Road will be bigger than the Thika Road Mall and Mountain Mall along Thika Road in Nairobi and will have a variety of offices and shopping stalls.

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