Women Problems in Kenya

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Many girls in Kenya are experiencing a lot of hardships when it comes to having better lives and fulfilling their dreams and reaching their goals in life. It has come to the realization that the Kenyan girl is facing a lot of challenges that need to be addressed before they continue growing to levels that cannot be controlled. The following problems have been the most persistent in the life of young girls in Kenya.


Many cultures are still practicing the hugely condemned vice. It has come to the realization that many communities subject their girls to the harsh treatment before being considered to be full members of the community. The practice endangers the life of the child and in most cases will make them become prone to death. Lot of bloodshed during the practice makes one become unhealthy. It is therefore advisable by the government that any person that indulges in the practice to be reported and be subjected to punishment.

Early Marriages

The society is still endangering the lives of many girls by making them subjects to early marriages. Many numbers of ladies are forced to settle with people they don’t love and can hence result to the failure of many marriage institutions. It is important to safe guard young girls by providing adequate education for them and ensuring that they go to school so as they can get better jobs and careers for a bright future ahead.


The girl child is often underrated by the society and most priorities go to the male child. It has come to the realization that male children are preferred by the society and hence the attitude has grown to levels that cannot be controlled. Girls are forced to remain at home doing the housework chores while their male counterparts are enjoying and living luxurious lives in the city. It is of great importance to have equal chances of gender in society.

Denial of freedom

It has come to the realization that very few ladies can do what they want and feel in the country. The male child is allowed to do a lot of things in life and grow without being disrupted by any group of parties. However, the opposite is true when it comes to ladies. They cannot be allowed to express themselves freely killing the potential in them by facing continuous discrimination by the society.

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