Tips On How To Get A Goodnight Sleep In Kenya

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It’s Monday again, and yet you probably feel like you did not get enough rest during the weekend. A lot of Kenyans go to bed tired and wake up tired. Sleep in Kenya is a vital facet of life. Sleep is what enables your body to rejuvenate, and your mind to stay alert during the day. Sleep deprivation in Kenya causes havoc in the human body and brings with it ailments that are better left in a medical journal in Kenya. When your body does not get enough sleep, it tends to keep a score. Sleep debt in Kenya is not a myth, sooner or later; you have to pay up if you are not treating your body right. So what can you do to enjoy a goodnight’s sleep in Kenya?

Schedule your sleep time

Scheduling the time to sleep in Kenya is not just meant for young children. Grownups in Kenya too need to sleep at a specific time. Choose a time that you normally feel tired and ensure that you follow the schedule every day of the week. This will enable your internal click to adjust and prepare you mentally for sleep.

Have a routine

The routine you as a Kenyan keep before going to bed is also very important. You can have a bath, do simple stretches and perhaps listen to soft music. Change into your sleeping clothes and ensure that your bedroom is a suitable environment for sleeping in. Do not eat in your bed or do some work on your bed. Your mind should be able to associate your bed with sleep and not with other activities.

Stop being anxious

Anxiety and worrying are detrimental to a goodnight’s sleep in Kenya. Of course, situations arise that may cause you as a Kenyan to worry but as you prepare to sleep, you need to replace negative thoughts with positive ones. You should equip yourself with skills to enable you manage your stress in Kenya. Evaluating situations before heading to bed usually helps you see things in a more optimistic way. Use visualization to calm your nerves and put you in a peaceful place that will enable you to fall asleep.

Take care of your body

Kenyans are advised to eat well and engage in regular exercise. Indulging in heavy eating before bed will not help you have a good night sleep. In fact, a full stomach will only serve to overwork the muscles and organs and prevent your body from relaxing into a good night sleep. Limit your food intake as your sleeping time nears. You also need to limit your intake of liquids near bed time. You do not need to constantly make trips to the bathroom while you are trying to fall asleep.

Stay away from caffeine and alcohol

Caffeine and alcohol in Kenya are not your friends when you are trying to sleep. They only serve to interfere with your quality of sleep such that you wake up feeling very tired and restless.

Know when to visit your doctor in Kenya

If you are a Kenyan who is constantly waking up tired and nothing seems to work for you in terms of making your sleep better, you need to visit your doctor. A lack of sleep or too much sleep can signify a bigger problem and your doctor can get to the bottom of it. Your sleep is immensely important and every effort should be put in place to ensure you get quality sleep. There you go, now as a Kenyan, ensure you get a good night sleep.

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