Minor Catholic Seminaries in Kenya

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St Peters Minor Seminary

It’s found in Mukumu near kakamega.The place is good for training young catholic male students that have the ambition of being future priest for the church. Peter’s does well in exams and it is due to the fact that it has people from many parts of the country. It is headed by Rector who is a priest. Those wishing to join are always invited for interviewsa and are strictly for Catholics only.

St Gabriel Seminary

It is the second largest minor seminary in western parts of the country. The place is big and belongs to the arc diocese of Kisumu.It produces well disciplined students that become good priests of the church with others pursuing top courses at the various universities in the country.It is a good place to practice spiritual formation on the part of students.

St Joseph Molo Seminary

Belongs to the arch diocese of Nakuru and has over the years been known for producing students with good character and further perform well in their national exams. The place is conducive for the spiritual growth of a person as seen by the many number of retreats that take place. Many priests have been trained at the place and many more others are still continuing to be natured.

St Pius Seminary                     

Found in Meru, the seminary has produced good priests for the church and many others have continued to do well in their university studies. It produces students that are well trained in matters pertaining life and this makes them be suitable for many parents to have their children be taught about spirituality.

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