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The Pepsi Company Located In Nairobi: Pepsi Soft Drinks Manufacturer And Distributor In Kenya

the pepsi company located in nairobi pepsi soft drinks manufacturer and distributor in kenya


There are many companies in Kenya that manufacture soft drinks in Kenya. The most common soft drink manufacturer in Kenya is the Coca cola Company. Coca cola is one of the drinks that is sold in all continents in the world. Coca Cola Company also has various branches in Kenya. Another soft drinks company is Pepsi Company in Kenya, which adopted the name Seven Up Bottling Company. Pepsi had stopped its operation in Kenya for some time, but it relaunched in February 2013. Pepsi in Kenya set up a company and set up a Pepsi manufacturing plant in Baba Dogo, Ruaraka near Thika Road in Nairobi. The Pepsi company startup in Kenya was evidenced by the mass recruitment that took place prior. People sent innumerable job applications to Pepsi company. The Pepsi company in Kenya sits on the 14 acres of this area near Ruaraka in Nairobi. The seven up bottling company in Kenya is a bottler which is a franchise. The seven up bottling company is also a distributor of Pepsi products in Kenya which it bought in 2009.

This Pepsi company strengthened its capacity to make headway in the Kenyan soft drinks market against already existing brands such as coca cola and Fanta. The vice president of Pepsi Company in Kenya, Chairman El-Khalil Faysal, noted that he was confident that Pepsi company would restore the investor confidence in Kenya. The president of Pepsi Company also thanked the Government of Kenya for enabling Pepsi set up a Pepsi shop in Kenya. Pespi company in Kenya has a workforce of around 300 people, most of who are Kenyan citizens. This number of Pepsi employees in Kenya appreciates as the Pepsi company takes root in Kenya.

Pepsi Company has the following Pespi products in Kenya in its portfolio: There is Pepsi light, Miranda, Mountain Dew, 7up and Everess. This has raised the bar for Coca-Cola company in Kenya which is the main competitor of Pepsi Company. Pepsi company in Kenya had been importing drinks since the 1970s. There was a need to set up a local Pespi plant in Kenya so that the drinks are distributed for local consumption. The General Manager of Pepsi company is Dr. Butch Moldenhauer. The Pepsi company invested about 2.4 billion shillings in Kenya to put together this company in Nairobi. The demand for soft drinks in Kenya has increased since peoples disposable income has also increased. Disposable income in Kenya is the money that is left after one pays for their basic needs. People can now spend money to buy soft drinks and sodas to stock in their fridges. According to the Kenya Bureau of Statistics (KNBS), the soft drink has increased production to 472,000 tonnes per year in 2011 from 230,750 tonnes in 2006. Pepsi boasts a host of quality drinks in Kenya. The Pepsi drinks are fresh and are healthy too in Kenya. The Pepsi drinks made in Kenya are not stocked with sugars and chemicals.

The Pepsi company has increased its network in Kenya by having Pepsi distributors in all parts of Kenya. This Pepsi marketing move seeks to help the brand get established in Kenya. Pepsi Company in Kenya also boasts of having great and advanced technology to help the company operate effectively and efficiently. Pepsi in Kenya also has a great team of directors, managers and employees. All these factors come together to make Pepsi products the drink of choice for most people in Kenya. Some people embrace the change and for example, prefer mountain dew, 7up and Miranda to normal soda in Kenya. It is good to have two great soft drinks companies in Kenya competing since the result to the consumer is quality products and great prices.

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