Location Of Kenyatta International Conference Centre, A Major Landmark In Nairobi City Centre In Kenya

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Kenyatta International Conference Centre is a major landmark within Nairobi City Centre in Kenya. Kenyatta International Conference Centre in Kenya, like its name suggests is an internationally renowned centre for meetings, conferences and special events. The KICC conference centre in Kenya is located within the Nairobi city central business district and as such it is only a few minutes away from some of the five star hotels found in Nairobi City Centre. This makes KICC in Kenya a strategic venue for international meetings in Nairobi.

The Kenyatta International Conference Centre, K.I.C.C in short has 28 storeys and was commissioned in 1967 by the first president of Kenya, The Late Jomo Kenyatta. The KICC building in Nairobi is one of the largest buildings in Nairobi. Kenya International Conference Centre is located along Harambee Avenue within Nairobi City Centre. K.I.C.C in Nairobi is located just next to the Supreme Court of Kenya.

It is interesting to note that K.I.C.C in Kenya had a revolving hotel that offered a panoramic view of Nairobi City. The hotel in Kenyatta International Conference Centre rotated a full 3600 every 76 minutes. The mortar, however, gave in to time and lost its glory over the years. However, early 2012, the hotel in KICC was revamped and was expected to be running by the middle of the year. The KICC centre in Nairobi is made with cuboid features in a cylindrical shape. The conference center in Nairobi also has a plenary hall and a helipad.

The largest meeting hall in KICC in Nairobi can accommodate over 4,000 delegates. Most of the conference halls in Kenyatta International Conference Centre are equipped with simultaneous interpretation equipment with a capability of at least 7 languages. The Kenya International Conference Centre in Kenya also boasts of an expansive space as well as ample parking spaces.

There are many events in Kenya that are usually held in the Kenyatta International Conference Centre throughout the year. From meetings to both home and motor vehicle expos, the center’s expansive grounds can hold as many guests as possible in Kenya. Kenyatta International Conference Centre in Nairobi has a large courtyard which was designed as a respite for those people attending conferences at the centre. The courtyard also has some scenic flowing fountains.

The plenary hall in KICC in Nairobi is designed for huge international meetings as well as grand balls. Kenyatta International Conference Centre in Kenya is fortified with sound proof walls and has a capacity of at least 5,000 people.

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