Structure of The Court System in Kenya

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Supreme Court

Comprises of the chief justice, vice chief justice,5other judges and the president making a total of about seven members. The court has got exclusive jurisdiction and majority and nearly all issues that pertain the electoral petitions. Hears appeals from the high court and also major tribunals. It can play the role of offering advisory opinion to the national government.

Court of Appeal

It is composed of not less than 12judges.Hears discontents from lower courts combined with various tribunals. It includes conducting operations by acts done within the premises of a court. Furthermore, it listens to the contempt of court as an original jurisdiction. It appeals on the fundamental human rights and freedoms. It further deals with court martial cases.

The High Court

Established under section 165 ,of the Kenyan constitution. The judges responsible elect one of them to act as the topmost principal judge in the court system. Has unlimited original jurisdiction and caries out supervisory roles. It also deals with issues related to succession and matrimonial cases.

Subordinate Courts

Constitutes of the chief magistrate, senior and principal magistrate. They deal with civil jurisdiction but differ in subject matter in most cases. They also hear issues related to serious criminal offences that attract penalties. The resident magistrate court deals with misdemeanors.

Kadhis Court

The court deals with cases that affect and relate to people that believe in the Muslim religion. Some major cases that are witnessed in such courts include marriages problems; divorcé cases. The court is headed by a chief kadhi who must also be a Muslim.

Court Martial

The court deals with very serious cases regarding the military department. Headed by chief of general staff. However, it can also be conducted by a person having major rank in the military field. Deals with issues regarding cowardice, insubordination and destruction of the owned by military officials.




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