Outcomes Of The Post Election Violence In Kenya

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The post election violence in kenya had very many effects to the people of the country.The following are some of the outcomes that came from the elctions.


Many innocent kenyans lost alot of lives as they were attacked and killed by peopple from other communities that belived that they voted for the wrong type of leader.Several wars took place that saw alot of blood being spilled and many other innocent kenyans being killed in the entire process.Alot of lives were hence lost from the process.

Property Destruction

Apart from just people being killed,property worth millions of shillings was lost due to the violence.Many buildings were destroyed with some being burned to full ashes making it hard for the people to  build other stable buildings during that period.Property that was worth millions of money was destroyed by kenyans making the country to lose alot of its valuables in the entire process.

Loss of tourists

The violence in kenya made alot of tourits go back to their countries due to fear of being attacked by unknown people.Many feraed and went back to their countries to seek security and escape the situtation that was disturbing kenyans.Tourism in the country declined at great levelsmaking it hard for the industry to grow.


The election made it necessary for the top politicians of the time to divide roles on how they were to share and exercise power in the country.The outcome made it necessary for them to share so as to reduce the level of tension that was in the country during the period.

Slow economic growth

Due to loss of lives and destruction of businesses,many aspects of the economy were slowed down making it necessary for the country to get ays of speeding up the rate of economic growth due to the huge depreciation experienced during the time.

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