Claims Of Bribery On The On Going Case Against Ruto and President of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta In The ICC Court

by Cynthia Kendeli  - January 18, 2022

Shock reined the ICC court when a witness on the case against the Deputy President of Kenya, Hon William Ruto, revealed that he had been bribed. The ICC witness 356 claimed that he had received 1.7 million Kenyan Shillings from USAID agents in Kenya to form a case against Ruto in ICC. During the cross examination session with the Deputy President of Kenya`s lawyer, Karim Khan, in ICC headquarters in The Hague, Netherlands the witness claimed to have been coached on what to say in court about the post election violence and contribution of Hon Ruto.

During the ICC hearing on Monday 27th January 2014, the Deputy President of Kenya’s lawyer named the former US ambassador to Kenya, Micheal Ranneberger as a main attributor to the funding of couched ICC witnesses. Ranneberger played a big role in the indictment of the deputy president of Kenya, Ruto and the President of Kenya, Hon Uhuru Kenyatta. The ICC mole, Ken Wafula was also named as one of the facilitators of the funding the witnesses on the case against Ruto and the President of Kenya. The ICC court is yet to investigate the truthness in the unfolding of the Kenya post election hearing in The Hague.

However, the confused witness 356 who agreed to receiving a bribe, shockingly refused the evidence brought forward by the Ruto’s lawyer. Such news on the hearing against Ruto and President Kenyatta leaves Fatou Bensouda‎ in trouble following the recent claims of her involvement with an ICC registrar in bribing 3 mungiki members in Kenya, to act as witnesses in ICC court on 6th January 2014.

ICC Court was formulated from a Rome statute, and it adjudicates cases on crimes against humanity, war crimes, genocide and crime of aggression (crime of aggression will start being an active role of ICC in 2017)

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