Best Conflict Resolution Mechanisms

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Conflicts among people occur on a daily basis especially where there is power relationship. This may be attributed to various roles that people play in their daily lives. The most important point to note in conflict resolution is interests of each of the conflicting party. If this can be correctly identified then we can say that the mechanism used will be successful.

With the understanding that conflict is a struggle among two or more parties, it is important to find a way to remove the differences among these groups. This can be achieved through either a win-win resolution or win-lose conflict resolution methods.


Methods used in Conflict Resolution.

There are many different ways of resolving conflict but the most important one is the flow method. In a flow situation, both people walk away from the conflict satisfied with the solution which they have reached together. Conflict resolution encourages everyone to go with the flow and creates solution.

In conflict resolution one is required to be willing to work toward a win-win solution. This can only happen if one has a combination of the following : Be an active listener, to maintain good eye contact able to look and listen for the other person’s feelings, able to identify anger cues and triggers and be able to use a calm voice.

To solve conflict brought about by political differences, the following can methodology can be used

Appointing a commission to look into a problem more keenly, so as to come up with a solution. An election may be called due to strained relationships between the current government and populace so as to change the leaders and putting up a new government with new political leaders of their choice. When this happens, the masses feel that they have picked their choice of leaders thereby preventing conflicts. Calling for a meeting where all stakeholders that are conflicting to iron out their differences. This provides for an opportunity to the parties to speak out, discuss and agree on solutions to be effected by all. Mediators may also be chosen to represent one of the parties.

Conflict resolution involves negotiation process that usually consists of the following phases:

The information phase.

During this phase information on all factors that will have an effect on negotiation are evaluated and a defense plan to protect sensitive information is worked out. It also involves making decision whether the negotiations should be carried out by yourself or an agent.

Competitive phase.

This phase is the start point of bargaining. A decision should be made on who should go first on a particular issue.

Cooperative phase.

This phase is necessary in the negotiation process.


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